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Burno Kitty

My cat is stupid. He sat too close to the space heater and his fur almost caught on fire.

*Disclaimer – No cats were injured for being a dumbass.

stupid cat

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Cat heaven right meow

RIP P Diddy. ❤

This sweet feline went to cat heaven today. And I know he is partying it up with his bro, Growler. But I sure am going to miss this sun-loving lover boy. He loved to eat shrimp, go on back-packing adventures with his girlfriend Good Morning and hang out with his brothers and sisters. Light a candle for the P-ster tonight.

I already miss this sweet face so much. Hugs and kisses to you P.



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So Long, Farewell, Adios

The summer weather has officially come to an end. WAAHHHHH. I was so enjoying going on a bike ride in shorts and a t-shirt, really gonna miss that. And while I loathe speaking about the weather I make exceptions for awesome storms. Coming from Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping down the plains) where practically EVERY thunderstorm was amazing and then moving to Spain (where the rain stays mainly on the plain), I miss my storms.

October seems to be the month when a good one hits every few years or so. The last one I remember was about four or five years ago, which even resulted in a small tornado and sadly one death. I was home when the sky went black and the wind picked up and my plants sitting on the second floor balcony blew to the ground and the pots broke into tons of pieces. The storm that hit yesterday was expected but many people still seemed to be caught off guard. I was in Palma teaching when 50 litres of water per square meter fell in fifteen minutes. When I left I had to turn my car around twice from the road being too flooded to cross (while at each one there was at least one car that had tried to pass through the water and failed).

The lightning flashed while I drove to my next class, water was pouring down the streets with nowhere for it to go, cars were stranded in deep water and traffic jams were everywhere. Thank goodness there weren’t any deaths but the ambulances and firetrucks were busy. My boyfriend was at the dentist (yuck) when the storm hit and when he came home the house was a bit flooded but all the cats were there! YAY!

But the pool looked like this. Yikes. Hope the landlord has insurance.


dirty pool

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What a day

How shall I begin? RIP Cory Monteith? I am so sorry Trayvon Martin for letting this man get away scot-free? And yet I keep checking the news for something happy – perhaps the birth of a royal baby?!

I do lead my life with my heart. For anyone that knows me, that is not a hidden fact. Even though, being a Libra can make it difficult. I want to make sure everything is done right, correctly, equal but in the end when the scales have to be tipped, I always go with my heart. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. I would think most of us lead with our heart. Or at least I hope we try.

Call me a gleek, I don’t mind. I was actually quite shocked reading the news report this morning that Cory Monteith had been found dead in his hotel room in Vancouver, Canada. I know he isn’t some amazing superstar but I really loved what I saw from him. While all the other “kids” on Glee seemed to be perfect or striving for perfection, he (Finn) didn’t. Cory/Finn was the one who was goofy and unsure and sometimes dance challenged – but always adorable. I have watched the show since it began and he was always one of my favorite characters. I’m sure it sounds strange but I am so sad that he died. He was way too young and had such a promising life ahead of him. Rest in peace Mr. Monteith. For some strange reason my iPod has been wanting to play a lot of Glee songs today, thanks for knowing I care.

And the next thing, Zimmerman being acquitted. Are you kidding? Okay, I know I wasn’t there for the trial, I wasn’t there when a young boy was walking home with a pocket full of candy and his hoodie up but C’MON! It just doesn’t seem right. It just doesn’t seem right at all. That’s all I have to say about that. Well, for today.

And now for something good. Something fun! Have you made your bets? What do you think? A boy? A girl? Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge, is about to have her first baby with Prince William. And if you saw any of my posts before the wedding you will know that I am quite interested in the royal family. I am going to bet – a GIRL. Wish I could find a bookie here in Mallorca to take my money on that. As for the name, who knows. I would love it if they named her Diana. But if it’s a boy, well, I have lost my bet and a name I have no idea. What about …. South? I just had a crazy thought. What in the world IS their last name!?!? I have no idea!

Stay tuned for more crazy thoughts….

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heavy heart today

What a sad day. Yesterday when I heard the news about the shooting in CT, I was upset and angry. But when I woke up today and the news just kept pouring in, on the internet, on facebook, on twitter, on the radio; I had had my fill of sadness. It is bad enough that there were 28 people killed but the majority being children just set me over the edge.

My friend posted “This morning I woke up and realized that twenty little lights have been extinguished. Twenty little lights that had just begun to shine. Twenty little souls that believed we could keep them safe. And this world is already a little darker without them because as a society, we failed them. And I feel angry because it didn’t have to happen. I am joining this fight. ~ Do not go gentle into that good night….rage, RAGE against the dying of the light.”

I don’t have the perfect answer. More assault weapons is not the answer to massacres by people using assault weapons. Limiting the manufacture, import, and sale of assault weapons is a fantastic place to start, however. I do believe in that.

So hug your little ones tight tonight. Tell them you love them. And do your part in making this a better world. If not for you, then most definitely, for them.

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Stop the bullying

Sometimes here on the island of Mallorca I feel so distanced from the real world of the USA. Whether it’s the political drama (Go OBAMA), college football games, the right for everyone to be married, Dancing With the Stars or just the everyday life can feel a bit surreal to me.

But then, something happens and I feel like I am right there. Usually it is something tragic that drags me back, like this time. Today, a thirteen year old boy committed suicide at my old Junior High School. The place of such fond memories for me of hanging out by my locker with my friends, giggling about cute boys, hanging out in the “pit”. Of course, there are not so fond memories of feeling insecure of how I looked – very skinny with braces, I was kind of in-between groups of friends – my main group seemed to be shutting me out and I was desperate to keep myself within the “cool” group, absolutely no boys thought I was cute and I am sure the list went on and on.

Supposedly, the boy who died was being bullied. I do not know that for a fact but I could see that being possible. Being a teen is a rough time! You want to be the coolest person ever, the greatest singer, the best athlete, the most popular cheerleader but for most of us during that time frame, it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen because it is practically impossible! Those teenage years are hard. You are gangly, or fat, or have acne, or crazy hair or whatever; for the most part we aren’t cool during this time. And kids can provoke. And kids can be mean. But what you need to do is stand up.

I know it’s hard. Standing up for myself is STILL hard. But if you are bullied you need to speak out – tell your teacher, tell your parents. It’s okay, this is not being a tattletale, this is sticking up for your rights, for your protection. Bullying is not cool.

And the last part of my soapbox. Be proud of who you are. You are different! Hallelujah! Different is good. Who wants to be normal? Maybe you are being bullied because you look different, because you dress different, because you act different. Who cares. You are loved. You are loved by your parents, your friends, your teachers. The world is full of acceptance, keep striving with life. It gets better! I promise. It gets better. You are not alone. Check out for help, ideas, inspiration. Because we are all in this together. Do not let life go, it is such a beautiful thing.

I contemplated whether or not to add this but I feel Glee really touches on issues and this was one of my favorite songs from them. Which speaks so much to bullying. Be a loser like me. And know you are LOVED.


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Cooky Puss

I know you all are dying to hear about my trip (yup, righhhht) but with the death of Adam Yauch (MCA) yesterday I feel I must express my love for the Beastie Boys. I know nothing will replace the trio, maybe the Beastie Boys will go on but it will never be the same without MCA.

I wore out my Licensed to Ill tape by playing it constantly in my Buick Electra in high school (and college), then bought it on CD and when that was ruined, I downloaded it and burned my own. I know EVERY SONG. No Sleep Til Winterpark was shoe-polished on the side of Linda’s parents van on our 1988 Spring Break trip. And I am sure that tape was blasting the entire drive from Oklahoma to Winterpark, CO. Plus the fact that we decided to mosh as much as possible but after waking up the next day with each of us having what felt like a case of whiplash we scrapped that idea.

I mentioned I know every song on Licensed to Ill, and I ain’t kidding. My personal best is Paul Revere but Brass Monkey and She’s Crafty are in close second. I still believe my boyfriend is quite impressed when I finish all the lyrics (even without it being on) to Paul Revere. It is either amazement or horror from him, haven’t figured out which is which yet.

Hey Ladies, So Wha’tcha Want, Pass The Mic, Intergalactic were my other favorites. But their last album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, I really enjoyed. So I guess I have two great bookends from them, their first and their last album.

Rock on MCA, hope you and my cat are rapping it out up there.