Just Keep Wrapping

I am royally loving this. Maybe you know, or maybe not, but Kate and William were visiting New York City just a few days ago. Monday started off with Kate lending a hand to volunteers at the Northside Center for Childhood Development and later her and the hubs enjoyed a basketball game of the Brooklyn Nets vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers topping it off with a sweating hug from LeBron James, while Tuesday they spent a portion of the day at The Door (an organization that helps New York’s disadvantaged children) and later that night they attended St.Andrews’ 600th anniversary dinner at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

There were even a few more things thrown into the mix between their arrival on Sunday and their departure on Wednesday – Wills flew to Washington D.C. to meet with the Prez, they also met the Clintons (Chelsea included) in NYC and a fashionable event for Kate to rub elbows with J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons and Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman.

But my favorite thing that has recently been posted is Kate giving the royal roll of the eye to a woman telling Kate to “Keep Wrapping”. This is awesome. And I believe happened on Monday at the Northside Center. Welcome to New York hospitality Kate!

All Hail the Queen!

What a day

How shall I begin? RIP Cory Monteith? I am so sorry Trayvon Martin for letting this man get away scot-free? And yet I keep checking the news for something happy – perhaps the birth of a royal baby?!

I do lead my life with my heart. For anyone that knows me, that is not a hidden fact. Even though, being a Libra can make it difficult. I want to make sure everything is done right, correctly, equal but in the end when the scales have to be tipped, I always go with my heart. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. I would think most of us lead with our heart. Or at least I hope we try.

Call me a gleek, I don’t mind. I was actually quite shocked reading the news report this morning that Cory Monteith had been found dead in his hotel room in Vancouver, Canada. I know he isn’t some amazing superstar but I really loved what I saw from him. While all the other “kids” on Glee seemed to be perfect or striving for perfection, he (Finn) didn’t. Cory/Finn was the one who was goofy and unsure and sometimes dance challenged – but always adorable. I have watched the show since it began and he was always one of my favorite characters. I’m sure it sounds strange but I am so sad that he died. He was way too young and had such a promising life ahead of him. Rest in peace Mr. Monteith. For some strange reason my iPod has been wanting to play a lot of Glee songs today, thanks for knowing I care.

And the next thing, Zimmerman being acquitted. Are you kidding? Okay, I know I wasn’t there for the trial, I wasn’t there when a young boy was walking home with a pocket full of candy and his hoodie up but C’MON! It just doesn’t seem right. It just doesn’t seem right at all. That’s all I have to say about that. Well, for today.

And now for something good. Something fun! Have you made your bets? What do you think? A boy? A girl? Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge, is about to have her first baby with Prince William. And if you saw any of my posts before the wedding you will know that I am quite interested in the royal family. I am going to bet – a GIRL. Wish I could find a bookie here in Mallorca to take my money on that. As for the name, who knows. I would love it if they named her Diana. But if it’s a boy, well, I have lost my bet and a name I have no idea. What about …. South? I just had a crazy thought. What in the world IS their last name!?!? I have no idea!

Stay tuned for more crazy thoughts….

Do I hear $100?

I might be buyin’ a photograph.


You may have noticed from here and here and here, that I am somewhat obsessed with the British Royal family. It all started as a young girl, at the innocent age of ten watching Princess Di become exactly that – A Princess. Isn’t that what most little girls dream of? Isn’t that what some of us still dream of? Sadly she did not marry her Prince Charming. Maybe she found him with Dodi Fayed? We will never know.

A candid photo has surfaced in the last few days of Shy Di from the late 1970s. Her and the revealed mystery man – Adam Russell, were on a ski trip in France with a group of friends. Supposedly, they were nothing but friends even though Mr. Russell said to have had a ‘galumphing’ crush on Diana. How cute! Just think how her life would have been so SO much different if he would have pursued her before the Prince of Wales did. But you never know, maybe he would have pursued her but in the end Prince Charles would have won anyway.

The photo was sold to the Daily Mirror two days after Prince Charles and Diana announced their engagement. But ‘NOT TO BE PUBLISHED’ was scrawled in crayon on the picture. Perhaps the ‘NOT TO BE PUBLISHED’ warning reveals that the Daily Mirror’s picture editor at the time had second thoughts about publishing an image of the future Queen in an intimate pose with another man. Maybe the Queen stepped in and demanded it not to be published?

The picture remained in the paper’s archives until it was bought seven years ago by the private Caren Archive, which is now putting it up for sale through RR Auctions in New Hampshire.

Who wants to go in with me to buy it? I have about $56.48 …… Let’s hope that is enough.
UPDATE: Pic sold for $18,000.  I definitely did not have enough… even with Perla matching my 56 bucks.  😦


Give me an O

You know how much I adore the young English royals, from my plethora of posts leading to the days of the wedding and the actual event. Cmon, you know you were excited too! Deep down you were. Okay, fine, really deep down you were.

I’ve had this picture saved looking for the right time to post it. But heck, it’s the ROYALS. Anytime is a good time. It makes me laugh every time I see it. All my captions for the picture seem to be crude. What would your caption be!?

Happy 50th Diana!

Had she lived, Princess Diana would be celebrating her 50th birthday today. And I wonder where she would be. Would she be happily married to Dodi Fayed (we are either assuming he lived too, or there was no car crash that claimed both their lives), would she be Facebook friends with Prince Charles and Camilla P. Bowles? Maybe she would be living in a gorgeous penthouse high above the trees in Manhattan having a sophisticated lover – someone she finally felt comfortable and happy with? Maybe she would have remarried, maybe even a few times – she was never short on suitors. Yes, these are the things that keep me awake at night.

I loved the Newsweek cover of Di and her new daughter-in-law, Kate. And then again came more questions, more pondering. Would they be great friends, shopping and dining together? Or would Di find Kate a bit of competition?

What do you think?


And you thought I was done?

It ain’t over yet, I still got the highlights to talk about!

What a brilliant wedding! Anytime The German and I go to Cornwall we hear the word “brilliant” about 25x a day. It has to be their favorite word. Sometimes I wish they would mix it up a little with SMASHING or my recent fav, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. How awesome would that be to hear in the British accent.

So, it is over. I thought it was a gorgeous wedding, nothing too over the top (except for Beatrice’s hat, wth WAS that?) I was glued to my computer screen – my satellite receiver went out the day before the wedding and I panicked!! Thank God for the internet. And I was quite impressed with the broadcast over the internet, it was really professional and perfectly clear, about to the time when Wills and Kate said their “I Will’s”. After that it was a bit pixellated and slow from the MILLIONS of people watching it on the internet. Quite amazing.

From the dress, Pippa and Harry flirting (and now the world wants them to get together), to the adorable lil girl covering her ears from the noise of the crowd while William and Kate kissed for the SECOND time, I simply loved it all. And sat in front of my computer for three hours straight.

My two favorite pics are from my screen shots. The German took the one in Westminster Abbey and I took the one in the seconds before the second kiss.

To be honest, I really thought I wouldn’t be so excited. I know my every day posts of the wedding seems a bit off course from that statement but I thought nothing could compare to the feeling I had when watching so many years ago at the tender age of 9. And I was wrong. The minute I woke up and turned on the broadcast was when William and Harry were riding in the car on the way to the church. I was hooked. No tears amazingly but I could NOT stop watching.

I have to add this, because of all the people I saw online with true hate and disgust against the wedding. Because they felt we (as Americans) should not be so focused on this. We should be focused on the tragedies, the tornado victims, Libya, Syria, the wars – and I was outraged. WHY in this world can we not enjoy three hours of joy and bliss of a beautiful wedding, something that some people will only see once in a lifetime. Why can we not give a little bit of our time to focus on some happiness in the world? I was truly saddened to see so many negative thoughts against something so beautiful.

And now for the beautiful:



And then to one quite happy vicar, who either didn’t care (my thought) or forgot the cameras may still be rolling. The wedding is over! And it ROCKED.



ps – I LOVED the trees in Westminster Abbey! Until next time, Cheerio!

Tomorrow, tomorrow ….

I love ya, tomorrow, you’re only A DAY AWAY!!!! Everyone now, all together. TOOOOOOOOOMORROW….

I can’t heaaaar you!

So the day is almost here. Do you think Kate is freaking out? Probably not. She is most likely dancing around in her £5,000 per night suite at the Goring Hotel singing, “I am going to be Queen Catherine! I am going to rule England! And I am a commoner!” With evil cackling to finish it off.

I am kidding! Geez.

I know tomorrow is going to be another royal wedding to remember but I think the most special one to me will be the wedding of Princess Di and Prince Charles. Just the excitement at the sweet, innocent age of 9. Watching with wide eyes, not even tired after getting up at 6 a.m. Shy Di stepping out of the carriage, the train of her dress seemed to go on for miles, with the beautiful church holding every royal dignitary there to watch and the pure look of happiness and excitement in her eyes. In my child’s mind all I saw was a Princess. They weren’t only in fairy tales, they were real!

And one day, maybe I could be one too.