2012 · tragic · usa

heavy heart today

What a sad day. Yesterday when I heard the news about the shooting in CT, I was upset and angry. But when I woke up today and the news just kept pouring in, on the internet, on facebook, on twitter, on the radio; I had had my fill of sadness. It is bad enough that there were 28 people killed but the majority being children just set me over the edge.

My friend posted “This morning I woke up and realized that twenty little lights have been extinguished. Twenty little lights that had just begun to shine. Twenty little souls that believed we could keep them safe. And this world is already a little darker without them because as a society, we failed them. And I feel angry because it didn’t have to happen. I am joining this fight. ~ Do not go gentle into that good night….rage, RAGE against the dying of the light.”

I don’t have the perfect answer. More assault weapons is not the answer to massacres by people using assault weapons. Limiting the manufacture, import, and sale of assault weapons is a fantastic place to start, however. I do believe in that.

So hug your little ones tight tonight. Tell them you love them. And do your part in making this a better world. If not for you, then most definitely, for them.

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