Hey, HEY! We landed on a COMET!

Guys, I really don’t understand this obsession with Kim Kardashian’s ass. I mean this news is surpassing the news that we landed on a comet. A comet! The first time EVER! Peeps, please tell me that was more exciting than a picture of KK naked. I mean, she has like a rockin’ name, but again – WE.LANDED.ON.A.COMET.

OK, back to your originally broadcasted station.


kk comet

Plans Schmans



Am I right or am I right?! You think you have these plans set up for you – I am going to do this, and then this is gonna happen, and then this and this and this. And guess what? It doesn’t really ever happen that way. I have things I want to happen with my life and it seems I am in the boat at the moment. But then again, I had things that I didn’t plan and life is still fantastically amazing. Keep your head above water friends!

Oh, and – HAPPY NEW YEAR! ox

ps – Thank you to DOGHOUSE DIARIES.

So Long, Farewell, Adios

The summer weather has officially come to an end. WAAHHHHH. I was so enjoying going on a bike ride in shorts and a t-shirt, really gonna miss that. And while I loathe speaking about the weather I make exceptions for awesome storms. Coming from Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping down the plains) where practically EVERY thunderstorm was amazing and then moving to Spain (where the rain stays mainly on the plain), I miss my storms.

October seems to be the month when a good one hits every few years or so. The last one I remember was about four or five years ago, which even resulted in a small tornado and sadly one death. I was home when the sky went black and the wind picked up and my plants sitting on the second floor balcony blew to the ground and the pots broke into tons of pieces. The storm that hit yesterday was expected but many people still seemed to be caught off guard. I was in Palma teaching when 50 litres of water per square meter fell in fifteen minutes. When I left I had to turn my car around twice from the road being too flooded to cross (while at each one there was at least one car that had tried to pass through the water and failed).

The lightning flashed while I drove to my next class, water was pouring down the streets with nowhere for it to go, cars were stranded in deep water and traffic jams were everywhere. Thank goodness there weren’t any deaths but the ambulances and firetrucks were busy. My boyfriend was at the dentist (yuck) when the storm hit and when he came home the house was a bit flooded but all the cats were there! YAY!

But the pool looked like this. Yikes. Hope the landlord has insurance.


dirty pool

Helloooooo? And you are SUPER DUPER!

HOLA! I want to thank all of my followers for um, well, following me. You guys totally rock.

And I just want to make a quick apology (which they say, as a blogger, you shouldn’t do). I know I have been absent on the blog and I am SUPER sorry. LO SIENTO!! Things are crazy, school is coming to an end and all the class times are changing. So some parents are wanting more English classes from me and my schedule has been a bit screwy. I have some great blog post ideas so please check back soon. I hope by next week things will have calmed down a bit.

But until then, I just want you to know THIS:


No Mas


is holding my mom’s christmas present to me for ransom. While that could be punny (yes I meant to write punny) because my last name is Ransom and there you go. Take it or leave it.

I try to keep this blog light and fun and not to bitch about things in life. But this time I just have to. WHY is it so freaking difficult to get my CHRISTMAS PACKAGE!?!?! Grupo Correos/Aduanas (customs) feel that I am a merchant and I have to pay taxes because my mom wrote a value of $200. She didn’t know, and USPS should have told her, if it is a gift, write it is $1. And even though I have done everything they have asked me to do – fill out and fax the form with my info, my passport number, email, etc. plus stating it is only a present from my mother, I am not a commercial merchant. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Now after waiting for over two weeks since I sent the fax and hearing nothing but crickets I had my friend call to find out what’s going on – they say they didn’t receive the fax but they will check on it. My friend called today, now they want a list of everything in the package and how much each item cost. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!?!?

If my mom wouldn’t be charged for having it returned to her I would just say, fuck that, return it. But she would be charged at least $45 for return shipping cost. Isn’t this fun!?

Okay, I am done. This was post 199 for your information. I promise post TWO HUNDRED (!!!) will be full of joy and rainbows and puppies. And hopefully the statement of finally receiving a package.