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Writer’s Block Inspiration

Writer’s Block. Ugh. You know how it goes. You have all these ideas to write and have started on a novel or a magazine article or a blog post …….. and now. STUCK. STOPPED.

It’s frustrating. Of course, we know we’ll get back to it. Soon. And then that soon turns out to be three weeks, then three months. And you’re wondering if maybe it’s all just crap. Everything you wrote is so dumb. Well, it’s not. Get back in the game. Keep writing. Just keep writing. It’s our mantra. Like Dory’s Just Keep Swimming. You – Just Keep Writing.

Some inspiration for you – me – US.

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Hey, HEY! We landed on a COMET!

Guys, I really don’t understand this obsession with Kim Kardashian’s ass. I mean this news is surpassing the news that we landed on a comet. A comet! The first time EVER! Peeps, please tell me that was more exciting than a picture of KK naked. I mean, she has like a rockin’ name, but again – WE.LANDED.ON.A.COMET.

OK, back to your originally broadcasted station.


kk comet

just how it is sometimes

Plans Schmans



Am I right or am I right?! You think you have these plans set up for you – I am going to do this, and then this is gonna happen, and then this and this and this. And guess what? It doesn’t really ever happen that way. I have things I want to happen with my life and it seems I am in the boat at the moment. But then again, I had things that I didn’t plan and life is still fantastically amazing. Keep your head above water friends!

Oh, and – HAPPY NEW YEAR! ox

ps – Thank you to DOGHOUSE DIARIES.