2018 Resolutions


My 2018 Resolutions.

Paint more

Write more

Declutter/Organize House

Visit a new country

Quit trying to please everyone

Do the best I can in everything I do

Practice gratitude

Do things that challenge me

Try a new recipe once a month

I think that’ll do it for now. How about you? Did you make any resolutions you care to share?


Right Now ~ 2/02/17

listening:   Caress Me Down ~ Sublime on Rock 101.3 Camp Springs, MD via radionet app (LOVE radio.net app!)

eating:    sushi stack – rice, salmon, spicy mayo, avocado, cucumber, sesame seeds and soy sauce. YUM

drinking:    vino tinto (red wine)

wearing:    it’s night relaxing time so, my cute boyfriend’s red long sleeve flannel with a brown sweater over that, blue sweatpants, blue and green socks knitted by Mama N and warm pink/white/purple slipper boots

feeling:    full

weather:    a rainy night about 10°C

wanting:    a vacation to a sunny beach with crystal blue waters

needing:    see above. ok, fine – a refill in my wine glass

thinking:    about art classes – new class teaching/doing art in English. SO EXCITED!

enjoying:    a warm house, a fantastic boyfriend (when you are with the one you love, life is better), 5 cats sleeping all around me and a full glass of wine (he refilled my glass) 🙂

wondering:    wondering – more hoping that DeVos will not be voted for secretary of education. vote NO.

Helloooooo? And you are SUPER DUPER!

HOLA! I want to thank all of my followers for um, well, following me. You guys totally rock.

And I just want to make a quick apology (which they say, as a blogger, you shouldn’t do). I know I have been absent on the blog and I am SUPER sorry. LO SIENTO!! Things are crazy, school is coming to an end and all the class times are changing. So some parents are wanting more English classes from me and my schedule has been a bit screwy. I have some great blog post ideas so please check back soon. I hope by next week things will have calmed down a bit.

But until then, I just want you to know THIS:



Welcome to my TWO HUNDREDTH POST! Amazing, truly amazing. There have been times when I thought about quitting, but I’m still here. I’M STILL HERE! I know I am not a daily blogger, not even usually a weekly blogger but I try to send something out in cyberspace a few times a month. And I would like to say a big THANK YEEEEWWW (with my Okie accent) to all my friends, family and you random stop-byers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for checking in from time to time. I really ‘preciate all of you.

While I have only been blogging for almost THREE (!) years, I have been in Europe/Mallorca for much longer. And when I stop to think about it – Felix and I are going to celebrate TEN years together – I am sometimes in shock at how fast the time flies. So many things have happened to me since meeting Felix, moving to Germany and then Mallorca. I have somewhat conquered German, still trying to conquer Spanish. And I am really hoping to do some amazing things this year. So watch out world!

I decided to post a few (or more than a few) of my favorite pics from these past years. Enjoy!

I think this is my favorite pic of Palma that I have taken. A quiet, narrow Palma street in the early morning hours.
El Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid is AMAZING!
Chorizo, Jamon Serrano, Vino Tinto ~ Oh My!
La Seu in Palma, the Cathedral that took almost 400 years to build. Gorgeous!
Felix and I have fallen in love with Cornwall.
Child dressed in typical Mallorquin costume for the Binissalem wine festival.
Lago Di Garda, Italy
Plaza Espana, Barcelona – LOVE Barcelona
My fabulous parents. Thanks Mom and Dad. And happy 46th anniversary today! ox
Felix (Love Him!) and me overlooking the island of Dragonera
These four adorable creatures came into my life seven years ago. And now I can’t imagine life without them.