Cat heaven right meow

RIP P Diddy. ❤

This sweet feline went to cat heaven today. And I know he is partying it up with his bro, Growler. But I sure am going to miss this sun-loving lover boy. He loved to eat shrimp, go on back-packing adventures with his girlfriend Good Morning and hang out with his brothers and sisters. Light a candle for the P-ster tonight.

I already miss this sweet face so much. Hugs and kisses to you P.



Cat Heaven

The heavens have gained a star. My sweet cat, Growler died yesterday. I don’t really want to discuss what happened the last few days only to say that we found major problems after an MRI on Monday and the vet advised us there wasn’t much to help him. I held him as he was put to sleep and that was the hardest moment in my entire life. Yesterday was an extremely sad day.

But let’s focus on how fantastic of a cat he was. I have never met a cooler cat in my life. He had such an outstanding personality it was almost as if he was a person (if you can understand that).  He was almost always happy and even through his times of sickness he was so strong and so brave. Growler was FIV+, most likely from a cat bite from four years ago. He was FIV Cat of the month in October 2012!! I so wish a cure for FIV could be found.

Here is the most adorable picture ever of him as a baby. Look at those paws! Those ears! Those eyes!

baby growler

I miss him so much already. So many things but here are some of what I will miss the most: him sleeping on his back totally sprawled out, milk kicks after my dinner (Growler I am so full! Please ….  😉 but of course I  let him anyway, waiting patiently for shrimp when I had to devein them for our dinner, his purring, going back and forth at dinner time from the wet food place to the dry food – back and forth at least three times!, kissing his furry orange head and him hanging out on the “hammock” I would create with my baby blanket wrapped around my legs. Sigh. Tears. Love that guy.

One more of Growler. Mr. Photogenic. RIP Growler Man. I LOVE YOU.


Life with a cat(s)

Actually it is – Life with a cat cats.

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t know. I have five cats. Yep, FIVE. I used to have seven! And spring is just around the corner which brings May flowers …. and kittens! So many wild cats around here you just never know when a new baby ends up wandering around. And seriously, how can you turn away sweet faces like these?


.Or this?


.Or these?


.Which is why I can totally understand this:


.Go get yourself a cat! They are adorable, hilarious and fulfill your life so much more than you can imagine. But actually I don’t really care if you are a dog person. Get yourself a dog! Or both! I would recommend to get one from the pound or like I did and have a wild mama leave you her babies. Either way, make sure you are ready for it. Please never ever get an animal and then realize you can’t care for it and then must give it away. That just breaks my heart.

An animal, is a friend for life. Treat it like one. Gracias.


When I find a song I like I play it OVER and OVER and OVER again. And since I have posted a lot lately of my Christmas favorites I am in heaven by just scrolling down on my blog and watching each video again and again. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

Another thing that brings me joy? I have a pretty long list but at the top are my cats, Felix, my family, my friends, my students…. and the list goes on. This pic represents at least three things on that list.

1. My cat Growler. I am so thankful he is healthy after being diagnosed with FIV. Felix and I were very worried and so sad when we found out. But he has been the perfect picture of health! I chalk it up to love. Love CAN conquer all. But I can’t forget our other cats – Cow, Holmes, P Diddy and Eva. I love them all. Go ahead, call me the crazy cat lady. Meow.

2. My friends. I don’t have too many close friends, the older I get the more I have moved away from the ones that aren’t true. Which is fine with me. But Jeannette, Bess, Amy, Linda, Perla, Donita and my Loobirds (a group of girls that grew up together since high school -Steph, Susie, Beth, Roberta plus the aforementioned Bess, Amy and Linda) they are my rock. And I love them to pieces. In the picture is our Loobird symbol, a gift to all of us from Susie.

3. And of course my boyfriend, Felix. When I think of him it always puts a smile on my face. He is also my rock. We have been together for over ten years. From meeting in Virginia, to moving to Germany and then our adventure to Mallorca which has lasted more than seven years now! He makes me laugh out loud, smile from ear to ear; I can be completely goofy around him with strange faces or interesting dance moves and he loves me all the same. I love him so very much.

So enough with the cheese fest. Check out this pic. Growler Man, the Loobird xmas ornament, Papa Noel and one of my favorite pics of Felix and me.


xmas growler

Fa La La La Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Here I am again! Posting every day for Christmas.  I even put up Christmas lights outside! Maybe that will be my post for tomorrow because it’s already 10 pm and I am too lazy to go and take a picture.

Do you know I have five cats? Well, at the moment it is five. We were up to seven earlier this year but RIP Fatty and Crazy Cat. And then you just never knew when some sweet kitten shows up at my door. I saw the CUTEST fluffy grey one in the backyard just the other day. Made me want to run and grab him and make him mine. NO. STOP. I cannot have another cat. No, really, I love them and they are so cute but seriously five is plenty. Ahhh, but you just never know do ya?

I love this guy. I need to make a santa hat for my cats, that will be awesome! Working on that next…..