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Cooky Puss

I know you all are dying to hear about my trip (yup, righhhht) but with the death of Adam Yauch (MCA) yesterday I feel I must express my love for the Beastie Boys. I know nothing will replace the trio, maybe the Beastie Boys will go on but it will never be the same without MCA.

I wore out my Licensed to Ill tape by playing it constantly in my Buick Electra in high school (and college), then bought it on CD and when that was ruined, I downloaded it and burned my own. I know EVERY SONG. No Sleep Til Winterpark was shoe-polished on the side of Linda’s parents van on our 1988 Spring Break trip. And I am sure that tape was blasting the entire drive from Oklahoma to Winterpark, CO. Plus the fact that we decided to mosh as much as possible but after waking up the next day with each of us having what felt like a case of whiplash we scrapped that idea.

I mentioned I know every song on Licensed to Ill, and I ain’t kidding. My personal best is Paul Revere but Brass Monkey and She’s Crafty are in close second. I still believe my boyfriend is quite impressed when I finish all the lyrics (even without it being on) to Paul Revere. It is either amazement or horror from him, haven’t figured out which is which yet.

Hey Ladies, So Wha’tcha Want, Pass The Mic, Intergalactic were my other favorites. But their last album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, I really enjoyed. So I guess I have two great bookends from them, their first and their last album.

Rock on MCA, hope you and my cat are rapping it out up there.

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