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Fa La La La Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Here I am again! Posting every day for Christmas.  I even put up Christmas lights outside! Maybe that will be my post for tomorrow because it’s already 10 pm and I am too lazy to go and take a picture.

Do you know I have five cats? Well, at the moment it is five. We were up to seven earlier this year but RIP Fatty and Crazy Cat. And then you just never knew when some sweet kitten shows up at my door. I saw the CUTEST fluffy grey one in the backyard just the other day. Made me want to run and grab him and make him mine. NO. STOP. I cannot have another cat. No, really, I love them and they are so cute but seriously five is plenty. Ahhh, but you just never know do ya?

I love this guy. I need to make a santa hat for my cats, that will be awesome! Working on that next…..


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Back In Black

Hey y’all! I have been out and about in the lovely areas of Arizona, Louisiana and New York. My bi/tri annual trek overseas. I have so much to share about my time in New Orleans, my FIRST time ever there – I can’t believe it took me so long. And my usual stomping grounds of New York City.

Arizona was fun but busy taking care of two youngins. My nephews, aged four and one point five were quite the handful! My mom and I were the basic caregivers while my brother was in school and his wife in South Korea for her brother’s wedding. Congrats to the newlyweds!

Let’s see, I tried to catch up on my new favorite TV show SMASH. I am pretty much addicted to anything that has singing and dancing in it. Therefore, Glee and Smash are what I watch. But I have been getting into Downton Abbey. Albeit the lack of singing and dancing. Amazing! Maybe because it is British?

I also watched a few movies: The Help, Hugo, Bridesmaids, Twilight the Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part I (could there BE a longer title?).  They were good but I wanted a bit more from all of them….  SORRY!

Alright, I just wanted to say a quick HOLA! I am back in Spain and so happy to be back. Sadly, one of my cats died while I was gone (don’t worry she wasn’t alone, my boyfriend was here taking care of them). But to end my post I would like to say, Rest In Peace Sweet LD (aka Fatty). I miss your shy ways and still see you lounging in your favorite black chair. Sending you love and light my sweet, fat, completely black cat. Miss you Fatty. oxox


Growler and FIV

I haven’t posted about this yet because my heart was too heavy. But in January my cat Growler (aka cooooolest cat ever) was diagnosed with FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). It was so very hard to hear this from my vet. But a blood test revealed the facts, and a later blood test from a Barcelona clinic reconfirmed the sad fact.

I have done a lot of research and I read that FIV does not mean a death sentence but it is a debilitating disease nonetheless. We have been fighting several infections – upper respiratory infection, ear infection, bone infection. And he has always beaten them but then to turn around with something new making him feel bleh with a fever and no appetite. Can I tell you how much this breaks my heart? I have cried several times about my sweet Growler.

Six years ago random mama cat brought us seven babies.

They hung out. Followed mama around everywhere.

And out of those seven, four survived. Growler, Holmes, P Diddy and Cow.

And never in my life have I had a cat. Actually I was VERY allergic to cats. But once we were blessed with those kitties, I have never had a reaction to cats ever again. Along the years we have gained two more cats, LD (which stands for Little Dude, but she is now the fattest cat ever) and Eva (the terrorista). Thankfully none of the others have FIV – which makes me think Growler contracted FIV from a cat bite he got a few years ago.

A week ago we changed his medicine to Prednisolone and antibiotics to treat a strange limp he has had for a long time now and we haven’t been able to cure. And it is working!! I haven’t seen him back to his normal Growler man self until now. Keep positive thoughts going for my sweet cat. He says, rawrr meowwww, which means thank you.


Bag o cats

Tomorrow in Felanitx is the Beneïdes, the animal blessing ceremony. I think it would be quite fun to take my seven (yes, seven) cats to it!

They seem to be all ready to go.

Seriously, why do I spend so much money on cat beds, cat pillows, cat blankets, when all I can do is throw down an old bag with dirty clothes in it?