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When I find a song I like I play it OVER and OVER and OVER again. And since I have posted a lot lately of my Christmas favorites I am in heaven by just scrolling down on my blog and watching each video again and again. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

Another thing that brings me joy? I have a pretty long list but at the top are my cats, Felix, my family, my friends, my students…. and the list goes on. This pic represents at least three things on that list.

1. My cat Growler. I am so thankful he is healthy after being diagnosed with FIV. Felix and I were very worried and so sad when we found out. But he has been the perfect picture of health! I chalk it up to love. Love CAN conquer all. But I can’t forget our other cats – Cow, Holmes, P Diddy and Eva. I love them all. Go ahead, call me the crazy cat lady. Meow.

2. My friends. I don’t have too many close friends, the older I get the more I have moved away from the ones that aren’t true. Which is fine with me. But Jeannette, Bess, Amy, Linda, Perla, Donita and my Loobirds (a group of girls that grew up together since high school -Steph, Susie, Beth, Roberta plus the aforementioned Bess, Amy and Linda) they are my rock. And I love them to pieces. In the picture is our Loobird symbol, a gift to all of us from Susie.

3. And of course my boyfriend, Felix. When I think of him it always puts a smile on my face. He is also my rock. We have been together for over ten years. From meeting in Virginia, to moving to Germany and then our adventure to Mallorca which has lasted more than seven years now! He makes me laugh out loud, smile from ear to ear; I can be completely goofy around him with strange faces or interesting dance moves and he loves me all the same. I love him so very much.

So enough with the cheese fest. Check out this pic. Growler Man, the Loobird xmas ornament, Papa Noel and one of my favorite pics of Felix and me.


xmas growler

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