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Cat Heaven

The heavens have gained a star. My sweet cat, Growler died yesterday. I don’t really want to discuss what happened the last few days only to say that we found major problems after an MRI on Monday and the vet advised us there wasn’t much to help him. I held him as he was put to sleep and that was the hardest moment in my entire life. Yesterday was an extremely sad day.

But let’s focus on how fantastic of a cat he was. I have never met a cooler cat in my life. He had such an outstanding personality it was almost as if he was a person (if you can understand that).  He was almost always happy and even through his times of sickness he was so strong and so brave. Growler was FIV+, most likely from a cat bite from four years ago. He was FIV Cat of the month in October 2012!! I so wish a cure for FIV could be found.

Here is the most adorable picture ever of him as a baby. Look at those paws! Those ears! Those eyes!

baby growler

I miss him so much already. So many things but here are some of what I will miss the most: him sleeping on his back totally sprawled out, milk kicks after my dinner (Growler I am so full! Please ….  😉 but of course I  let him anyway, waiting patiently for shrimp when I had to devein them for our dinner, his purring, going back and forth at dinner time from the wet food place to the dry food – back and forth at least three times!, kissing his furry orange head and him hanging out on the “hammock” I would create with my baby blanket wrapped around my legs. Sigh. Tears. Love that guy.

One more of Growler. Mr. Photogenic. RIP Growler Man. I LOVE YOU.


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