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It’s that time of the year again in Mallorca.

The almond trees are blossoming and all over the island are beautiful, white, bright pink and light pink flowers. When you drive around all you see are fields and fields of almond trees with stark white flowers filling up the the whole space. So gorgeous.

And they smell heavenly. Ahhhhhh, now cue the allergies.



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Do I hear $100?

I might be buyin’ a photograph.


You may have noticed from here and here and here, that I am somewhat obsessed with the British Royal family. It all started as a young girl, at the innocent age of ten watching Princess Di become exactly that – A Princess. Isn’t that what most little girls dream of? Isn’t that what some of us still dream of? Sadly she did not marry her Prince Charming. Maybe she found him with Dodi Fayed? We will never know.

A candid photo has surfaced in the last few days of Shy Di from the late 1970s. Her and the revealed mystery man – Adam Russell, were on a ski trip in France with a group of friends. Supposedly, they were nothing but friends even though Mr. Russell said to have had a ‘galumphing’ crush on Diana. How cute! Just think how her life would have been so SO much different if he would have pursued her before the Prince of Wales did. But you never know, maybe he would have pursued her but in the end Prince Charles would have won anyway.

The photo was sold to the Daily Mirror two days after Prince Charles and Diana announced their engagement. But ‘NOT TO BE PUBLISHED’ was scrawled in crayon on the picture. Perhaps the ‘NOT TO BE PUBLISHED’ warning reveals that the Daily Mirror’s picture editor at the time had second thoughts about publishing an image of the future Queen in an intimate pose with another man. Maybe the Queen stepped in and demanded it not to be published?

The picture remained in the paper’s archives until it was bought seven years ago by the private Caren Archive, which is now putting it up for sale through RR Auctions in New Hampshire.

Who wants to go in with me to buy it? I have about $56.48 …… Let’s hope that is enough.
UPDATE: Pic sold for $18,000.  I definitely did not have enough… even with Perla matching my 56 bucks.  😦


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Gimme a scone!

Good day mate! Oh wait, that’s Australian. Cheerio old chap, wait, that’s saying goodbye. Top o the morning to you! Is that Irish?

So, back from another B-E-A-UTIFUL trip to England. The German turned another year, but he is younger than me so I really can’t make fun of age. Oh where are the days when I would play “Nobody likes you when you’re 23, what’s my age again?” by Blink182. Great band.

I have a new favorite – SCONES. Yum, double yum. I tried explaining that scones in british are biscuits in american, but biscuits in british are cookies in american. Got it? Good. Scones with butter and jam. Plus a few cups of Earl Grey tea. Heaven.