How have you been enjoying the World Cup? All in all, I have watched some great games …. and some boring games, YAWNERS! I was really shocked that Spain was out so quickly and I think Spain was too! And now I feel that Spain really doesn’t even care about it once their country was kicked out. They have had a rough few weeks! First World Cup then Nadal out of Wimbledon. You lose some, you win some. I was quite happy to see USA advance as far as they did but never expected them to make it to the final, or even semi-final. Still proud though!

And here we are, at the finale. Who do you want to win? If you know me and/or read my blog you should absolutely know who I am rooting for – GERMANY! Could you believe that game, Germany vs. Brazil? What a beating! I was stunned with the amount of goals and definitely wanted Germany to win, but awwww man, this guy was breaking my heart!

sad brazil

But did you know that after that famous picture was taken German fans began to surround him and comfort him? He even shared his trophy with some of them. And the night ended like this.

happy brazil


I love a happy ending. 🙂 And now for the finale! GOOOOOOO DEUTSCHLAND!!!!


footballlll germany

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No Mas


is holding my mom’s christmas present to me for ransom. While that could be punny (yes I meant to write punny) because my last name is Ransom and there you go. Take it or leave it.

I try to keep this blog light and fun and not to bitch about things in life. But this time I just have to. WHY is it so freaking difficult to get my CHRISTMAS PACKAGE!?!?! Grupo Correos/Aduanas (customs) feel that I am a merchant and I have to pay taxes because my mom wrote a value of $200. She didn’t know, and USPS should have told her, if it is a gift, write it is $1. And even though I have done everything they have asked me to do – fill out and fax the form with my info, my passport number, email, etc. plus stating it is only a present from my mother, I am not a commercial merchant. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Now after waiting for over two weeks since I sent the fax and hearing nothing but crickets I had my friend call to find out what’s going on – they say they didn’t receive the fax but they will check on it. My friend called today, now they want a list of everything in the package and how much each item cost. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!?!?

If my mom wouldn’t be charged for having it returned to her I would just say, fuck that, return it. But she would be charged at least $45 for return shipping cost. Isn’t this fun!?

Okay, I am done. This was post 199 for your information. I promise post TWO HUNDRED (!!!) will be full of joy and rainbows and puppies. And hopefully the statement of finally receiving a package.

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Oh how I miss thee

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was delicious and spent with loved ones. Here in Spain, Felix and I went out to find a duck to make for the day. No way were we ever going to find a turkey, unless it was deli meat. But we couldn’t even find a duck! I was told they will be out for Christmas time.Whew! But we did find a nice piece of steak from Argentina that we made.

But I got to thinking all the other foods I miss by not being in the states.

      Chicken in a Biskit crackers. Who doesn’t love these? Even typing this my mouth is watering for a delicious C in a B cracker. I love anything with a layer of flavoring that you can’t really see but you can taste that chickeny goodness. Let’s check out those ingredients. Enriched flour, awesome. MSG, flavor enhancers, of course! Dehydrated cooked chicken? JUST GIVE ME MORE!!! It also has vitamin B1 and B2, so there. Whatever they do for you. If only my favorite salad dressing of all time – Seven Seas Creamy Italian (PLEASE BRING IT BACK!) – was still around I would just pour out the bright yellow liquid and dip those marvelous cx biskit crackers into it. I would have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  My mom loves to tell the story about my brother and I finishing a bottle and a half at a restaurant. We were around the ages of 7 and 9 and the bottle was almost full. We finished that bottle, the waitress brought us another one (apologizing for giving us an empty one, no comment) and we practically finished that one. Still, to this day, if there is steak or a hamburger at my family’s dinner table, the A1 sauce is not too far behind. It is only my brother and me who like it, Dad says we a ruining a great piece of meat. I say we are bettering it. A1 rules.


    O.M.G. The Reuben is the BEST sandwich ever. Corned beef with melted swiss cheese on Rye bread. Add some sauerkraut, a little mustard and mayo and you got yourself a damn good sandwich. Ask the Spanish (or any European for that matter) for almost any of those items listed above and you will get a blank stare. Corned beef? How do you even describe that? Swiss cheese, maybe if I go to Switzerland? And rye bread? Fuggetaboutit.

Now I am seriously hungry for all of the above. Too bad all I have out of them is A1. Going to drink some of that now. TTYL.