How have you been enjoying the World Cup? All in all, I have watched some great games …. and some boring games, YAWNERS! I was really shocked that Spain was out so quickly and I think Spain was too! And now I feel that Spain really doesn’t even care about it once their country was kicked out. They have had a rough few weeks! First World Cup then Nadal out of Wimbledon. You lose some, you win some. I was quite happy to see USA advance as far as they did but never expected them to make it to the final, or even semi-final. Still proud though!

And here we are, at the finale. Who do you want to win? If you know me and/or read my blog you should absolutely know who I am rooting for – GERMANY! Could you believe that game, Germany vs. Brazil? What a beating! I was stunned with the amount of goals and definitely wanted Germany to win, but awwww man, this guy was breaking my heart!

sad brazil

But did you know that after that famous picture was taken German fans began to surround him and comfort him? He even shared his trophy with some of them. And the night ended like this.

happy brazil


I love a happy ending. 🙂 And now for the finale! GOOOOOOO DEUTSCHLAND!!!!


footballlll germany

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