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Happy Birthday Pablo!

One of my favorite artists, Pablo Picasso (Spanish), would have been 135 years old today. Obviously not like anyone is reaching this age but 135, nonetheless. I remember going to the Picasso museum in Madrid when I was a young tyke just learning the world, venturing out on my own at age 20. And I loved it. I didn’t want to leave. His creations were so original and inspiring and beautiful I could have stared at them for weeks.

In his Blue Period my favorite was The Old Guitarist created in 1903.

In his Rose Period, my favorite is Garcon a la pipe, created in 1905.

His African influenced period was next and then Cubism. Both I know about but they are not my favorites. The most popular I would think from his Cubism period would be Three Musicians.

.And the last is his Classicism and Surrealism period. There are so many artworks from Picasso that I love dearly from this time frame. I guess I like the funky take on a human face or his love of the minotaur in a lot of his works. But my favorite is Girl before a Mirror (1932). This shows Picasso’s mistress Marie-Thérèse Walter, one of his favorite subjects in the early 1930s. Her white-haloed profile, rendered in a smooth lavender pink, appears serene. But it merges with a more roughly painted, frontal view of her face—a crescent, like the moon, yet intensely yellow, like the sun, and “made up” with a gilding of rouge, lipstick, and green eye-shadow. Perhaps the painting suggests both her day-self and her night-self, both her tranquillity and her vitality, but also the transition from an innocent girl to a worldly woman aware of her own sexuality.

.Well played Sir! You are deeply missed. Hope the heavens are throwing you one heck of a party.








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Things To Bring – To a Tailgate

It’s TAILGATING time y’all! Time to gather up your friends, some brewskis, slap some dogs or burgers on a grill and enjoy. I like tailgating better than going to the actual game. There is something special about hanging out with friendly peeps on a beautiful fall day to enjoy some good ole’ American football. Speaking of which GO OSU COWBOYS!

I rounded up some things you definitely need for a perfect tailgate get-together.

  1. HOORAY SPORTS DO THE THING WIN THE POINTS – For those who don’t really follow sports but like hanging out, this shirt’s for you! Buy here with lots of different products available.
  2. This cooler is Amazing. Capital A. It has a Blender! Plus outdoor speakers, a USB charger, bottle openers and a lot more. Buy here.
  3. Sir Kensington’s is one cool company. All of their products are not only delicious but MUCH healthier. Their ketchup has 50% less sugar and NO high fructose corn syrup. Awesome. This one is my favorite – Sir Kensington’s Spicy Ketchup features chipotle peppers, cilantro, lime juice, and hint of coriander. Put this on your hotdog and hamburger NOW. Buy here for all their products
  4. You can’t go wrong with Velveeta and Rotel Queso. If you’re feeling really crazy throw in some chorizo with it! Available at most grocery stores.
  5. A portable, fold-up grill is exactly what you need for your next tailgate. Buy here
  6. This Killer Hogs BBQ RUB has won championships. Get it now. Buy here
  7. A flannel stadium blanket for sitting on those cold benches is needed for those colder autumn days.  Buy here
  8. The chef needs a beer and a cool apron. I like this one – SAVE WATER DRINK BEER. Buy here
  9. It is a MUST to have your football team’s banner flying around your tailgate. Buy here with lots of teams available.
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Let’s Reminisce

Let’s reminisce. Shall we? Well, today is my birthday. And here I am writing a post. 🙂 See my dedication?! Yesterday I was a bit down. Do you ever get the birthday blues? Thinking about where you are in life and nothing being like you thought it would be. Something like that. But then I remember that I have a wonderful life and nothing is perfect – even though some people sure make it seem like it is on their FBook and Instagram posts.

So, here I am on the big day. A happy girl, with a fantastic man in my life who loves me unconditionally, living on a gorgeous island. AND a new iPhone 6S in her hand. Whoo Hoooo!! I can finally download and possibly Pokemon Go (or is that already not cool?). My iPhone4 was so old it wouldn’t let me download any new apps that need iOs 8.

Anyways, my birthday also makes me reminisce about the younger times when things were easy and carefree. Who remembers these:

Scratch N Sniff Stickers
Rainbow Colored Heart Laces – These were in my sneaker roller skates!
Awwww, an old library card.
90s Clear Phone . Had it. LOVED IT.
Ribbon Barrettes. Jeannie and I tried to make these again – not as easy as it seems!
And Lloyd Dobler. Never forget the Lloyd.



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Eye-Catching Artworks

For all my German readers out there – Hallo und Danke! 🙂

My favorite website for amazing art prints (wandbilder) is Eyecatcher XXL in Germany. They have a large variety of artworks with four different sizes – 1-piece, 3-piece, 4-piece and 5-piece. They are my go-to for beautiful and creative presents for my friends and family in Germany.

Eyecatcher XXL has great prices, fantastic artworks and just a very professional company that I will keep doing service with. Check them out!

Here are a few of my favorites:

For my travelling lovers –


For my space and cool pic lovers


For my nature and Grand Canyon lovers:



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He’s Mr. White Christmas

Who remembers this one? Mr. Snow Miser? Mr. Heat Miser?

This really brings back the memories of living in Madison, WI in the duplex on Offshore Dr. This is definitely a classic, they don’t play this anymore. Is that showing my age?

Snow Miser is a character from the 1974 special The Year Without a Santa Claus. In the special, Snow Miser controlled cold weather all over the Earth; his archnemesis is his brother, Mr. Heat Miser. Santa woke up with a cold and his doctor tells Santa to take a holiday because nobody cares about Christmas anymore. So it is up to too elves, Jingle and Jangle to find people who still believe in Mr. Claus. And somewhere along the way Mrs. Claus gets joined up to fight the good fight and return Christmas!

And in eager anticipation ……   Mr. Snow Miser.

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Cooky Puss

I know you all are dying to hear about my trip (yup, righhhht) but with the death of Adam Yauch (MCA) yesterday I feel I must express my love for the Beastie Boys. I know nothing will replace the trio, maybe the Beastie Boys will go on but it will never be the same without MCA.

I wore out my Licensed to Ill tape by playing it constantly in my Buick Electra in high school (and college), then bought it on CD and when that was ruined, I downloaded it and burned my own. I know EVERY SONG. No Sleep Til Winterpark was shoe-polished on the side of Linda’s parents van on our 1988 Spring Break trip. And I am sure that tape was blasting the entire drive from Oklahoma to Winterpark, CO. Plus the fact that we decided to mosh as much as possible but after waking up the next day with each of us having what felt like a case of whiplash we scrapped that idea.

I mentioned I know every song on Licensed to Ill, and I ain’t kidding. My personal best is Paul Revere but Brass Monkey and She’s Crafty are in close second. I still believe my boyfriend is quite impressed when I finish all the lyrics (even without it being on) to Paul Revere. It is either amazement or horror from him, haven’t figured out which is which yet.

Hey Ladies, So Wha’tcha Want, Pass The Mic, Intergalactic were my other favorites. But their last album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, I really enjoyed. So I guess I have two great bookends from them, their first and their last album.

Rock on MCA, hope you and my cat are rapping it out up there.

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All Aboard – Destination Sóller!

Typing this post while listening to Madonna’s new album MDNA. L-U-V Madonna!

So that is a bit off track (ha, track – get it? train track!) from what my post is about but just wanted to throw out a “holla” to the material girl. If she visited Mallorca I do believe one of the first things she would do is ride the train from Palma to Sóller. This darling train complete with carriages largely constructed from wood with banquet-style seats, brass fittings and gaslights is a most enjoyable hour-long journey through the mountains. My friend Perla was here visiting and we went two years ago but wanted to go again! So, let’s go!

I  loved the paper ticket. I still have mine! We caught the 1:30 train, which gave us enough time to wander around Sóller a bit and then catch the last train back to Palma at 6:15. Don’t forget that you have to come back! Well, I guess you don’t necessarily have to come back. There are many lovely hotels to stay at for the night.

The 27 kilometre length of track (one of the narrowest in the world at 914 millimetres) opened in 1912, connecting the capital with Sóller and cutting journey times down from a day to just an hour and a quarter, thus allowing the citrus growers of Sóller to get to the Palma markets and back in a day.

Little has changed since then: the tiny station (at Placa Espanya) is reached through a wrought-iron gate bearing the words “Ferrocarril de Sóller”. The first part of the journey is a bit slow, as the track runs along through Palma but within fifteen minutes you start to reach the outskirts of the capital and into open countryside, with the peaks of the Tramuntana as a spectacular backdrop.

As you approach the first stop at Bunyola, olive fields give way to pine forests.

Beyond the village the train enters the first of twelve tunnels, which become progressively longer, until it breaks through the mountains and emerges on the west side of the island. The views here are superb as the train winds over bridges and across dry torrents, high above a valley rutted with terraces and dotted with disused farmhouses.  In the distance you can spot Sóller and the villages of Biniaraix and Fornalutx.

As you slowly make your way into Sóller the orange and lemon trees are close enough to stick your arm out and grab one. From the station in Sóller you can wander down into the town square, there are many shops, cafés and a beautiful church to see. Or you can jump on the tram that takes you to the sea at Port de Sóller.

Somewhere I thought I read it was a twenty minute walk to the port. I was wrong! Don’t do it. Just jump on the tram. Sadly, we didn’t do the tram because we ran out of time but next time I am definitely taking the tram to the port! So we wandered around Sóller; we grabbed a bit of lunch, a beer here and there and took in the sights. Fantastic!