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Paul Ainsworth at Number 6 Restaurant, Padstow.

If you are anywhere near the town of Padstow make sure you have a reservation at Paul Ainsworth Number 6 restaurant. You will find it at 6 Middle Street, Padstow, Cornwall.

An interesting spot where there are several different dining areas, we sat in the small room in the front. It was Felix’s birthday and I wanted to find a good restaurant, but actually hoping for something great. And we got even better than that.  Here is how they describe the restaurant – At Number 6 our cooking is all about making the most of what’s on our doorstep in Padstow. Our menus are based around brilliant local, seasonal ingredients, cooked in a simple modern style with a Cornish influence. Everything we serve in the restaurant – from the bread to the chocolate truffles – is made by our team of chefs.

Not only was our food the best dinner I have had in months but the presentation of everything from my perfect vodka martini (finally! someone could do it right on this side of the Atlantic) to the appetizers to the sweet “Happy Birthday” message in chocolate on the dessert tray. Our waiter, who we later found out was the assistant manager, was not only knowledgeable in wines, how the food is made but was also really witty and a fun person to talk to – and usually Felix and I never really want to chat with the staff. Don’t know if you have figured it out yet, but what a great restaurant!

My first course was deep fried oysters. And Felix had goose parfait de foie gras. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. Sorry about the pics, but all we had was the cell phone camera. Just think how much more you would be hungry if I had the good camera.

Didn’t get pics from the main course (oops). I had the veal with chips (that would be fries to you)  and bday boy had the beef. Look how happy we are with the evening!!

Ain’t I cuuuuuute?? And now for the dessert. This was a platter that had a sample of every dessert they had, it was listed for two people to share. We barely made a dent, but it was chocolate, creamy, rhubarb, pop rocks delicious!

I can’t wait to go back!!


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Oma + England

This trip to England we did the same route as the last time – Eurotunnel, Falstaff Hotel at Canterbury and The Scarlet Hotel in Mawgan Porth (Cornwall).

With a first stop to celebrate Oma’s 98th birthday!! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum dein Geburtstag!! One of her grandchildren mentioned to her, “Just think, in two years you will be 100!” To which she replied, “And I hope I won’t be here.” Awwww, Oma. One can get tired of life if there isn’t much to it anymore. But bless her old lil heart, she is still kicking it as best as she can.

Feel free to look through the highlights of the trip……

THE 98 year old Oma, hangin’ with the homies.

Deutsche Speisekarte

Cornwall sheep and babies. I keep wanting to call them sheepies every since I saw this cartoon that Avery was watching. That one where you put words together and learn letters…..whatever. Lil Bo Peep kept saying “I lost my sheepies. Ohhhhh where are my poor lil sheepies.” Ever since then all I can think of is sheepies when I see those funny creatures all over Mallorca. Is the next generation going to call them sheepies from this? Are we doomed with sheepies from now on?

Spooky old church we found while taking a turn off the beaten path. Hundreds of crows that wouldn’t let me take their picture. You couldn’t have paid me enough money to stay there overnight. Well, okay, maybe you could. But it would be one damn scary night.

I have a strange fetish with tombstones.

That’s Jasper! The hotel dog that you can take for walks. Plus, the scenery isn’t too shabby.

Ended the stay with a gorgeous sunset seen from the balcony of our room at The Scarlet.


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the english scarlet land of happy happy joy joy

My alarm rudely woke me at an ungodly hour, “The time is six fifteen, it is time to wake up”, in a British voice no less. While I scrambled to finish my last minute packing and put plates of food and bowls of water outside for the cats, I looked up at the sky slowly brightening and took in the fact that my 38th year on this planet had arrived. Oh me oh my! Thirty-eight years and what have I accomplished? Is this a thought at anyone’s birthday after the age of thirty?

I bypassed the thought with a flight to Düsseldorf where I met my boyfriend waiting for me with a lovely box of gifts. I love birthday presents first thing in the morning! And after a quick stop at his parent’s house for birthday kisses, Meerrettich Miree (a horseradish cream cheese spread – MY FAVORITE) on toast and a sad goodbye to their house on Reuterstrasse (it just sold), we headed off towards Calais to take the tunnel to Folkestone.

I must admit I was a bit apprehensive (combined with a touch of claustrophobia) about the EuroTunnel. How exactly deep are we under the water? Will there be attendants to direct me to my nearest exit in case of emergency? Or was it, if something happened you were pretty much a goner. I tried to distract myself with making stupid faces at my boyfriend and singing along with Lily Allen. I found enough things to keep me entertained for the thirty-five minutes (Amazing right? ONLY 35 minutes) it took to get from France to England under several metres of water that could come rushing in at any moment.

We arrived in Folkestone, England to buckets of rain pouring from the dark sky. And let’s not forget that we must combine that with now having to drive on the left side of the road. Tricky, tricky – and off to Canterbury we went.


Canterbury was cute. We stayed at the Falstaff Hotel which used to be a coaching inn, established in the year 1403. The rain had turned to a drizzle so we set off on foot to find some birthday dinner. We chose an Indian restaurant that apparently has a pea soup on the menu that they refuse to serve because it is, quoting the waiter, “pretty terrible”. Why then is it on the menu? Whatevs. The food they did serve us was pretty good, but I am sucker for lamb with a yogurt and cucumber sauce from anywhere. We ended the night at a small hotel for a nightcap where I ended up spilling half of my port down my jacket. And happy birthday to ME!

When I woke the next morning at the Falstaff I silently told myself – You have made it one more year, now this year let’s get these important things you want started. I’ll just leave that there for now – let’s go to CORNWALL.

I saw thousands of cows and sheep, a few pigs and horses in dresses. Fine, not really dresses but those jacket thingies – I like dresses better. And then we drove over this hill and lo and behold – STONEHENGE!! There it was, just 150 feet from the highway. Stonehenge, right there! YO Stonehenge! Did you know the age of it is estimated at 3100 BC. Now THAT is old.


Still on our six hour drive to our hotel in Mawgan Porth….. I entertained us by reading signs and some of the funny city names (yes, I am becoming my mother), oh and yelling out whenever I saw any sort of animal – COW! PIGS! HORSES IN DRESSES! Finally to my boyfriend’s relief we arrived at the Scarlet Hotel. Here is the view from our room. GORGEOUS!


The Scarlet was exactly what I was wanting for my birthday getaway. It is a brand new hotel in a breathtaking location, plus it is eco-friendly (you know I like that). We arrived around five in the afternoon, checked in and ordered tea service. I love having delicious Earl Grey tea brought to my room to enjoy on my balcony. Heaven. Then it was a quick walk down to the beach to chase after seagulls and watch the brave surfers hanging ten. One of the sweetest things about the hotel is Jasper, the hotel dog, you can take him for walks on the beach! How fun is that?

We had dinner at the hotel, it was good but nothing truly amazing – but then again, I can be happy with Kraft Mac n’ Cheese for dinner too. After dinner, we headed to the bar area which for half of the time, we were the only ones there, no customers and no bartender. But it is the place where I fell in love with my Atlantic Gold Ale, I am sure you saw it in my earlier post. And The German was in love with a new whiskey – The Peat Monster, it has a very smoky taste. He loved it and we had to return the next night for a few more rounds of our newfound loves.

The next day was a bit of craziness. We headed into the nearest largest town in search of an adaptor for my boyfriend’s computer. Never come to England without one because they are not easy to find. TRUST ME. Several hours later with adaptor in hand we headed towards the most southern point and hit the adorable towns of St. Ives, Penzance and Mousehole. So cute! But I was glad I wasn’t the one driving, some of those roads are narrow! Yikes. Plus that whole driving on the left side, double yikes.

So sad that the trip was already coming to a close, we book a reservation at The Seafood Restaurant (yes, that is its real name) in Padstow. And to close the post, a lovely cell phone picture of me getting messy with the yum, fabulous lobster.


Now it is your turn to visit. GO!


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I think I’m in love….


DELISH! An organic beer that I discovered at the Scarlet Hotel we stayed at in Cornwall.

A refreshing summer ale with a clean, crisp finish and subtly spiced with ginger. Atlantic Gold is brewed using only Pale and Wheat malts, with Fuggles and First Gold hops. Not sure what Fuggles are but I am pretty sure I could come up with some good definitons that have nothing to do with the beer brewing industry. But not to worry, this beer was EXCELLENT, fuggles included. And not only excellent but ORGANIC! How fantastic is that?

Next time I am in the Cornwall area, I will be sure to pick up a case. Sadly, they do not ship outside of England. Atlantic Gold, I love you!!

Soon to come: Birthday adventures in England. I wish I had enough money to stay for a month. Land of driving on the wrong side, Stonehenge and ale. I miss you! sniff sniff.