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I think I’m in love….


DELISH! An organic beer that I discovered at the Scarlet Hotel we stayed at in Cornwall.

A refreshing summer ale with a clean, crisp finish and subtly spiced with ginger. Atlantic Gold is brewed using only Pale and Wheat malts, with Fuggles and First Gold hops. Not sure what Fuggles are but I am pretty sure I could come up with some good definitons that have nothing to do with the beer brewing industry. But not to worry, this beer was EXCELLENT, fuggles included. And not only excellent but ORGANIC! How fantastic is that?

Next time I am in the Cornwall area, I will be sure to pick up a case. Sadly, they do not ship outside of England. Atlantic Gold, I love you!!

Soon to come: Birthday adventures in England. I wish I had enough money to stay for a month. Land of driving on the wrong side, Stonehenge and ale. I miss you! sniff sniff.


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