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Oma + England

This trip to England we did the same route as the last time – Eurotunnel, Falstaff Hotel at Canterbury and The Scarlet Hotel in Mawgan Porth (Cornwall).

With a first stop to celebrate Oma’s 98th birthday!! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum dein Geburtstag!! One of her grandchildren mentioned to her, “Just think, in two years you will be 100!” To which she replied, “And I hope I won’t be here.” Awwww, Oma. One can get tired of life if there isn’t much to it anymore. But bless her old lil heart, she is still kicking it as best as she can.

Feel free to look through the highlights of the trip……

THE 98 year old Oma, hangin’ with the homies.

Deutsche Speisekarte

Cornwall sheep and babies. I keep wanting to call them sheepies every since I saw this cartoon that Avery was watching. That one where you put words together and learn letters…..whatever. Lil Bo Peep kept saying “I lost my sheepies. Ohhhhh where are my poor lil sheepies.” Ever since then all I can think of is sheepies when I see those funny creatures all over Mallorca. Is the next generation going to call them sheepies from this? Are we doomed with sheepies from now on?

Spooky old church we found while taking a turn off the beaten path. Hundreds of crows that wouldn’t let me take their picture. You couldn’t have paid me enough money to stay there overnight. Well, okay, maybe you could. But it would be one damn scary night.

I have a strange fetish with tombstones.

That’s Jasper! The hotel dog that you can take for walks. Plus, the scenery isn’t too shabby.

Ended the stay with a gorgeous sunset seen from the balcony of our room at The Scarlet.


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