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Paul Ainsworth at Number 6 Restaurant, Padstow.

If you are anywhere near the town of Padstow make sure you have a reservation at Paul Ainsworth Number 6 restaurant. You will find it at 6 Middle Street, Padstow, Cornwall.

An interesting spot where there are several different dining areas, we sat in the small room in the front. It was Felix’s birthday and I wanted to find a good restaurant, but actually hoping for something great. And we got even better than that.  Here is how they describe the restaurant – At Number 6 our cooking is all about making the most of what’s on our doorstep in Padstow. Our menus are based around brilliant local, seasonal ingredients, cooked in a simple modern style with a Cornish influence. Everything we serve in the restaurant – from the bread to the chocolate truffles – is made by our team of chefs.

Not only was our food the best dinner I have had in months but the presentation of everything from my perfect vodka martini (finally! someone could do it right on this side of the Atlantic) to the appetizers to the sweet “Happy Birthday” message in chocolate on the dessert tray. Our waiter, who we later found out was the assistant manager, was not only knowledgeable in wines, how the food is made but was also really witty and a fun person to talk to – and usually Felix and I never really want to chat with the staff. Don’t know if you have figured it out yet, but what a great restaurant!

My first course was deep fried oysters. And Felix had goose parfait de foie gras. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. Sorry about the pics, but all we had was the cell phone camera. Just think how much more you would be hungry if I had the good camera.

Didn’t get pics from the main course (oops). I had the veal with chips (that would be fries to you)  and bday boy had the beef. Look how happy we are with the evening!!

Ain’t I cuuuuuute?? And now for the dessert. This was a platter that had a sample of every dessert they had, it was listed for two people to share. We barely made a dent, but it was chocolate, creamy, rhubarb, pop rocks delicious!

I can’t wait to go back!!


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