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Quick Trip (not the convenience store)

HOWDY!! Back from the USA. It was fast but fun (as always) trip. Here is a quick rundown of time spent.

Day one: Hung out in Brooklyn with the cool Hauser family. Time was spent watching 4-year-old boys run around kicking a soccer ball, visiting the Brooklyn Public Library and catching up with good friends.

Day Two: With the adult Hausers, we went to a beer garden (why do I feel like that should always be spelled german style – biergarten) under High Line Park. I believe it was called The Standard Beer Garden (biergarten). I was reminded of going to Spanish concerts where you have to buy your drink tickets at one booth and get your beverages at another. At least the food carts you could go straight up and order. Beer was good! Dumplings were yummy! Friend’s company even better. And out of NOWHERE comes a bit of rain, which I was laughing at people getting out of the way but then came a squall and we were pelted with rain, wind and dust for 20 minutes. Mr. Hauser braved the storm to get more drink tickets while we all huddled under the one space that was covered. And the DJ just kept playing on …….

Day Three: Off to Milwaukee! I flew AirTran, decent service, friendly flight attendants. I ordered a beer and was never asked to pay! Sweet. My family met me at the airport and we headed back to my aunt’s house in Grafton, WI. Born in Wisconsin and lived there for 10 years I felt like I was back at home. My sweet nephews were there, they grow up toooo fast! Just look at that face!

Day Four: The wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Timm. Congrats you two, may it be an exciting and lovely journey. Wedding was at 1:00, nothing major to report. The reception was a bit later, I got to mingle with my aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins! Sadly, no Grandma. But she was there in spirit. My nephew Avery was slow to get on the dance floor, even though his feet were wanting to, he was still a bit shy. But after a few drinks, he was ready to go. Drinks of milk people! Well, milk for him. Brandy Old Fashion Sweet for Mom and me! Mmmmmm, can only get those in Wisconsin folks. At least a good one.

It’s the Dancing King! And his dancing queen. They were busting moves and you couldn’t get them off the dance floor. It was seriously cute.

Day Five: Kind of a mellow day. My brother flew back to Phoenix cuz he is in school, yo. He is too school for cool.

Day Six: Said my goodbyes. Booohoooo. And flew back to New York City. Again with AirTran and AGAIN I scored a free beer. She said she would come back to take my card but never did. Sweet!

Day Seven and Eight: Spent with the awesome Cornell family at their new home in Floral Park. I had the basement to myself and it was like my personal apartment; bed, bathroom, refrigerator stocked with Coca-Cola. Thanks you guys! Mrs. Cornell and I went to the Long Island beach, wanted to get hair feathers (do you know what I am talking about – the new style with feather extensions? sadly, we never found a place) and then ended my trip at Les Halles. DELICIOUS French Food. If there is ever steak tartare on the menu I need not look further. Plus steak frites. But what made it the best was hanging out with awesomest friend ever. Love her!

And then it was back to Felix whom I missed dearly!

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Happy Freakin President’s Day, yo.

I teach children English and today we discussed President’s Day being celebrated in the U.S. After learning the reason of the day – Mr. Washington and Mr. Lincoln – they were then declared President and were able to do what they wanted to. Here are a few of the highlights.

What would you change if you were President?

1. Paint the White House black.

2. Everyone in the U.S. would get a Ferrari.

3. No homework ever.

4. Only one burger allowed once a week. (This is because all of Europe believes all of U.S. is fat)

5.  Change the NBA to JAF (my student’s initials).

How would you help the unemployment situation?   I would plant grass in the desert and then hire everyone to cut it with scissors.

Who would you invite to your inauguration party?

The list from the female : Justin Bieber, Kristin Stewart, Robert Pattinson, ME! and Demi Lovato

The list from the male: Rafa Nadal, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, ME! and some Spanish soccer player’s girlfriend.

Not too shabby of choices. Who would you pick to your inauguration party?


In Times of Sorrow

When a tragedy happens you always want to do the things that you may always do, but must reiterate.

1. Tell the ones you love that you love them. They probably already know it, but it is always nice to hear.

2. Give hugs and kisses whenever you get the chance – whether they want them or not.

3. Live life to the fullest, every day.

4. Use that china that you are saving for a special day. Wear that pretty underwear whenever you want!

5. Spend as much time with close friends and family. Work will always be waiting for you when you get back.

6. And when a friend needs your support when a tragedy has struck. Be there.

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Trip down memory lane with me.

When I was last at my parent’s house I had to save boxes of photos from the 150° garage. Here are a few of my favorites from when I was younger. Just to give you a little taste into the teen angst of my life.

That is my most favorite teacher EVAH. Mr. Cochran, he was truly our Greatest American Hero (doesn’t he look like him). We affectionately called his hair Spiro Giro and giggled until we cried over his mythical girlfriend named Bloatha Farkwad that he always used as the subject of his examples in class. The picture is from 6th grade but Mr. Terry Cochran loved our class so much that he followed us to Jr. High two years later.

Ahhhhh, PROM! Don’t we look so young and cunning? I was SIXTEEN!! And that is my natural hair color. Wow. Hello. I have my hair pulled back in the pic and I just pray it was in a nice sparkly faux diamond clip and not my ever-so-faithful yellow banana clip I wore on a regular basis.

Crimp me happy! I still have my pink hair crimper. Unbelievably it still works after how often I used it (and would leave it plugged in when I left for school in the mornings). My nickname in high school was Pebbles cuz I wore it crimped with the sides pulled up to make a small  ponytail at the top of my head. Love that thing. Is crimping back in style? I think I will start it back up.

Do ya like the van? Oooooh look, a pickup truck in someone’s driveway. How surprising for Oklahoma.

Spring Break 1989! NO SLEEP TIL WINTER PARK!! First time to ever ski, and I think I handled it pretty well. Except I refused to take off my sunglasses ever because I wanted to see how much of a ski tan I could get. When I returned back to school the next week, a guy asked me ” Did you EVER take off your sunglasses?” NOPE. Love that our hair is still so perfectly styled for skiing.

My first sorority/fraternity function! Since we were underage, we couldn’t drink at the parties. Well…so Panhellenic said. That was the beginning of my college life at OSU. Living in the haunted dorm (NOT kidding), Zeta Tau Alpha and endless nights at Tumbleweeds boot-scooting dance floor. Do I miss those days?


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Excursions a Cabrera

Cabrera island, so close, yet so far. I see it practically every day, calling out to me to come visit. Just south of my lil town of Sa Rapita and I have been wanting to take a boat ride there to check it out. Finally, with my friend Perla in tow, I did.

Cabrera is sometimes called Goat Island and measures four by three miles (about 6.5 x 5 km). It’s a charming rocky island, much frequented by pirates in days of old. On a darker note, it also served as a prisoner-of-war camp during the Napoleonic Wars. Many died on this island during this period. Cabrera is beauty incarnate, rich in wildlife and plants, and the island has been a national park since 1991.

Daily excursions by boat run from Colonia de Sant Jordi. The boat leaves at 9:30 a.m. and arrives back on the mainland at 5:00 p.m. You can also visit with your own yacht, but you must get permission in advance, and only 50 boats are allowed in the harbor (the island’s only legal mooring place) at one time.

Perla and I got up early, drove over to Colonia de Sant Jordi, had a quick café con leche and boarded the small boat. We made a reservation a few days before and everything was very easy peasy japaneasy. We headed for the back of the boat and pulled on our rain jackets, the day was starting out a bit cloudy. The trip took about an hour to get to the main island of Cabrera.

Once there, we had a “guide” give us some “guidelines”: There are no trash cans, so please bring your trash back with you. There are very few toilets, so please use the one at the port while you can. There is one small cafe and there is not a hotel on the island, so if you miss the boat back, well, have fun roughing it. After that, we were on our own for about five hours.

Perls and I had packed a deeeelish picnic and we decided the castle on the cliff was our destination for lunch. The castle was built in the late 14th century to ward off pirates, and later it held mostly French prisoners during the Napoleonic Wars. Pirates and prisoners, sounds treacherous. Let’s go! Climbing to the castle …..

We picked out a cozy spot where many prisoners probably once sat. But I bet they didn’t have as good of a spread as we had; Mallorcan Pere Seda rosado wine, Mallorcan olives, pickled onions, grapes, yummy Mahon cheese cubes and a baguette from the local bakery.

Even the ants enjoyed it ……

The castle (which dates to the end of the 1400 century) was the popular place to see once the boat docked. But Perla and I stayed long after everyone had checked it out. It was only us, and the ghosts for the remainder of our stay. We looked down towards the water 80 meters below, pretended we were prisoners for awhile ….

The prisoners probably never looked as happy, or pretty. And then, sadly, time to head back down so we wouldn’t miss the boat. Back down the skinny stairs.

Cabrera is famous for its population of Balearic lizards, of which there are about 10 subspecies. Here is one lil dude we saw. Cutie.

Past the graveyard where the prisoners who died are buried. Of 9,000 sent to Cabrera, only 3,600 survived.

And to the cafe for a cerveza.

Life is good.

But wait, the trip isn’t over yet. There is one more stop. Picture a bright bluejay. Picture the vibrant blue of fresh turquoise blue paint. Now mix those up, multiply it by 1000 and you are a little bit closer to the color of the water in the cave. Cova Blava was incredible. The boat enters the cave where you can jump in the water and swim around. And though it was a bit chilly out we didn’t want to miss out on anything. So swim we did! And it was cold. And beautiful.

Alas, the trip is over. The clouds started to rain. And we became the captain of the boat. Go see Cabrera.



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It’s BAD

 Before leaving New York I had to see Jeannie!

We went out to Cabana in Forest Hills, a “nuevo latino” restaurant that we have tried to go a few times before but there was always a long wait. This time, no wait and a table outside so we could do a little people watching.

We shared the Churrasco, which is a latin american style skirt steak marinated in garlic and fresh herbs accompanied by chimichurri and cebollitas. For a not too bad price of $24. Plus some tasty frozen margaritas to wash all the garlic down. After dinner, it was time to party! Okay, maybe not too much since Jeannie is an over-worked, mother of two stinkin’ cute lil girls, but let’s see what the girl can do.

At first, Jeannie said “We have to stop at every bar we pass and have a drink.” I gave her a look like she has lost her mind but nodded. Bar one, a beer for each. Plus this is where the garlic – chimichurri – cebollitas burps started happening. Oh man, you did NOT want to be near us when those things came out of our cute bodies. When we burped the first time, I was like “DUDE! Was that your burp? Whew! Gaaaaarlic!”  (Of course, it was Jeannie burping first, never me!) But we continued to burp and by now, we let each other know. “Careful, garlic on its way.” It was awesome.

The next bar we stopped at was the Irish pub. It wasn’t that crowded and it needed some music. So we dropped a few quarters in the juke box and played some Boston, some Lily Allen, whatever randomness we could find. We ordered a beer, burped some more, and then a guy started up some quiz game asking questions to all of the 10 patrons. Jeannie answered some quietly to me but I never could figure out why nobody was answering the questions. Were they dumb? Did NOBODY know any of the answers? I mean someone had to take a chance at “What is the first word Neil Armstrong said when he stepped onto the moon’s surface?” Hello, it’s THAT’S. As in, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” What is WRONG with these people?

The next question came up. ” What album of  Michael Jacksons had the most number one Hot 100 singles from any one album?” I thought it was Thriller but Jeannie said it was Bad. And she is one smart cookie. I couldn’t stand the silence any more and I screamed out “BAD!” The dude who was asking the questions turned and looked at me like I was growing a third head. He said “We are WRITING the answers down on paper. Please do not yell out the answers.”

Ooooooooooohhhh, that is why they were so quiet. As I was somewhat (but not totally) embarrassed, Jeannie and I ducked into the restaurant area and had a few uncontrollable giggles over it with a few more chimichurri burps just to spice it up some more. haha. Okay, bad joke.

And that, my friends, was my last night out in New York. And yes, the correct answer, was Bad.

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NYC Take Three

NYC take three. Or should it be, take thee? I LOVE LOVE LOVE NEW YORK CITY!

Our last full day together, sniff sniff. The next day everyone will be flying back to their kids, their husbands, their normal routine. Except for me. My travels are only starting. But the Loos weekend in NYC was coming to an end. Again, sniffles.

Hurry it up gals, we got people to see and places to be. And what would be a trip to Manhattan without stopping at Central Park? It would be NOTHING. Nothing I tell ya.

Awww cute lil horsey. Is the taxi dude checkin’ me out? Or the horse?

Birds on a wire. (In front of the Plaza hotel)

Eight Loos. On a Rock. In Central Park, Manhattan. USA.

I always love a ride on the Central Park Merry-Go-Round. Yeehaw!

After the funness at Central Park we walked to the East Side to grab a burger. Cheeburger Cheeburger. And a Bloody Mary. Or Two. Most of the gang still needed to buy some tchotchkes, so back to Times Square we go. Bess and I needed no more New York themed stuff so since it was WORLD CUP month, we headed to the closest bar for a Bloody Mary. Or Two.

We did NOT go to Olive Garden to watch the game. GO GERMANY! GO USA! GO SPAIN!

Our good friend and SHS ’89 classmate, Kary, works at Shaffer City in the Meatpacking District. He was going to cook us up a dinner made specially for us. Yippee! If you go there, be sure to ask for Kary the chef to make your dinner. You will not be disappointed. I don’t have pics of everything from our 7-course meal, but here are a few of the deliciousness that was served up by the friendly staff.

Love oysters.

Meat, potato goodness in special sauce. Mmmmmm….

I was in heaven with the brownie dessert.

ALL of the Loos, with Kary, the chef. Thanks Goolsby!

Oh, you think that’s it? We are not done yet. The night is young. And the night calls for ….. KAROKE. Yo. Bring it 80s music.



Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. Susie and I are rockin’ the mic.

There you have it my friends. The incredible tales of the Loos take over Manhattan. Until next time. I am Loo Loo Loobird.