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Quick Trip (not the convenience store)

HOWDY!! Back from the USA. It was fast but fun (as always) trip. Here is a quick rundown of time spent.

Day one: Hung out in Brooklyn with the cool Hauser family. Time was spent watching 4-year-old boys run around kicking a soccer ball, visiting the Brooklyn Public Library and catching up with good friends.

Day Two: With the adult Hausers, we went to a beer garden (why do I feel like that should always be spelled german style – biergarten) under High Line Park. I believe it was called The Standard Beer Garden (biergarten). I was reminded of going to Spanish concerts where you have to buy your drink tickets at one booth and get your beverages at another. At least the food carts you could go straight up and order. Beer was good! Dumplings were yummy! Friend’s company even better. And out of NOWHERE comes a bit of rain, which I was laughing at people getting out of the way but then came a squall and we were pelted with rain, wind and dust for 20 minutes. Mr. Hauser braved the storm to get more drink tickets while we all huddled under the one space that was covered. And the DJ just kept playing on …….

Day Three: Off to Milwaukee! I flew AirTran, decent service, friendly flight attendants. I ordered a beer and was never asked to pay! Sweet. My family met me at the airport and we headed back to my aunt’s house in Grafton, WI. Born in Wisconsin and lived there for 10 years I felt like I was back at home. My sweet nephews were there, they grow up toooo fast! Just look at that face!

Day Four: The wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Timm. Congrats you two, may it be an exciting and lovely journey. Wedding was at 1:00, nothing major to report. The reception was a bit later, I got to mingle with my aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins! Sadly, no Grandma. But she was there in spirit. My nephew Avery was slow to get on the dance floor, even though his feet were wanting to, he was still a bit shy. But after a few drinks, he was ready to go. Drinks of milk people! Well, milk for him. Brandy Old Fashion Sweet for Mom and me! Mmmmmm, can only get those in Wisconsin folks. At least a good one.

It’s the Dancing King! And his dancing queen. They were busting moves and you couldn’t get them off the dance floor. It was seriously cute.

Day Five: Kind of a mellow day. My brother flew back to Phoenix cuz he is in school, yo. He is too school for cool.

Day Six: Said my goodbyes. Booohoooo. And flew back to New York City. Again with AirTran and AGAIN I scored a free beer. She said she would come back to take my card but never did. Sweet!

Day Seven and Eight: Spent with the awesome Cornell family at their new home in Floral Park. I had the basement to myself and it was like my personal apartment; bed, bathroom, refrigerator stocked with Coca-Cola. Thanks you guys! Mrs. Cornell and I went to the Long Island beach, wanted to get hair feathers (do you know what I am talking about – the new style with feather extensions? sadly, we never found a place) and then ended my trip at Les Halles. DELICIOUS French Food. If there is ever steak tartare on the menu I need not look further. Plus steak frites. But what made it the best was hanging out with awesomest friend ever. Love her!

And then it was back to Felix whom I missed dearly!

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