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It’s BAD

 Before leaving New York I had to see Jeannie!

We went out to Cabana in Forest Hills, a “nuevo latino” restaurant that we have tried to go a few times before but there was always a long wait. This time, no wait and a table outside so we could do a little people watching.

We shared the Churrasco, which is a latin american style skirt steak marinated in garlic and fresh herbs accompanied by chimichurri and cebollitas. For a not too bad price of $24. Plus some tasty frozen margaritas to wash all the garlic down. After dinner, it was time to party! Okay, maybe not too much since Jeannie is an over-worked, mother of two stinkin’ cute lil girls, but let’s see what the girl can do.

At first, Jeannie said “We have to stop at every bar we pass and have a drink.” I gave her a look like she has lost her mind but nodded. Bar one, a beer for each. Plus this is where the garlic – chimichurri – cebollitas burps started happening. Oh man, you did NOT want to be near us when those things came out of our cute bodies. When we burped the first time, I was like “DUDE! Was that your burp? Whew! Gaaaaarlic!”  (Of course, it was Jeannie burping first, never me!) But we continued to burp and by now, we let each other know. “Careful, garlic on its way.” It was awesome.

The next bar we stopped at was the Irish pub. It wasn’t that crowded and it needed some music. So we dropped a few quarters in the juke box and played some Boston, some Lily Allen, whatever randomness we could find. We ordered a beer, burped some more, and then a guy started up some quiz game asking questions to all of the 10 patrons. Jeannie answered some quietly to me but I never could figure out why nobody was answering the questions. Were they dumb? Did NOBODY know any of the answers? I mean someone had to take a chance at “What is the first word Neil Armstrong said when he stepped onto the moon’s surface?” Hello, it’s THAT’S. As in, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” What is WRONG with these people?

The next question came up. ” What album of  Michael Jacksons had the most number one Hot 100 singles from any one album?” I thought it was Thriller but Jeannie said it was Bad. And she is one smart cookie. I couldn’t stand the silence any more and I screamed out “BAD!” The dude who was asking the questions turned and looked at me like I was growing a third head. He said “We are WRITING the answers down on paper. Please do not yell out the answers.”

Ooooooooooohhhh, that is why they were so quiet. As I was somewhat (but not totally) embarrassed, Jeannie and I ducked into the restaurant area and had a few uncontrollable giggles over it with a few more chimichurri burps just to spice it up some more. haha. Okay, bad joke.

And that, my friends, was my last night out in New York. And yes, the correct answer, was Bad.

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