animals · cats · happy holidays y'all

Fa La La La Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Here I am again! Posting every day for Christmas.  I even put up Christmas lights outside! Maybe that will be my post for tomorrow because it’s already 10 pm and I am too lazy to go and take a picture.

Do you know I have five cats? Well, at the moment it is five. We were up to seven earlier this year but RIP Fatty and Crazy Cat. And then you just never knew when some sweet kitten shows up at my door. I saw the CUTEST fluffy grey one in the backyard just the other day. Made me want to run and grab him and make him mine. NO. STOP. I cannot have another cat. No, really, I love them and they are so cute but seriously five is plenty. Ahhh, but you just never know do ya?

I love this guy. I need to make a santa hat for my cats, that will be awesome! Working on that next…..


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