Campos Lip Service

Lipdub? Have you ever heard of it? Basically you (or many people) are lip syncing to a song while taping video to it and then dubbing the audio over. I had never heard of it til just a few days ago when I was sent this Lipdub video of Campos. And while on YouTube, I noticed lots of Lipdub videos around Mallorca. I guess it is the hip thing to do here at the moment.

Campos is the town closest to me. I go there for all the things I don’t have in my sweet, sleepy town; groceries, my vet, correos (post) and the fantastic bakery of Pomar.

Anyways, here is the Lipdub video from Campos. SOOOOO much better than any of the other videos I saw, very planned out. It has a bit of everything. It starts out at one of the schools and then works its way down the street ending at the town hall. Which reminds me I need to go register. Did you know if I had registered when I arrived here I would now be a Spanish resident. Grrrr, why can’t people tell me these important things.

Sorry, I digress. I love the different aspects they put into this trying to show some Mallorquin traditions and fiestas along the way. And I really love the group of older men sitting with their instruments – happy elderly people are so cute! Those huge people puppets are pretty freakin awesome, they fascinate and scare the hell out of me at the same time.

May I present – the city of Campos and its amazing people.

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