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And you thought I was done?

It ain’t over yet, I still got the highlights to talk about!

What a brilliant wedding! Anytime The German and I go to Cornwall we hear the word “brilliant” about 25x a day. It has to be their favorite word. Sometimes I wish they would mix it up a little with SMASHING or my recent fav, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. How awesome would that be to hear in the British accent.

So, it is over. I thought it was a gorgeous wedding, nothing too over the top (except for Beatrice’s hat, wth WAS that?) I was glued to my computer screen – my satellite receiver went out the day before the wedding and I panicked!! Thank God for the internet. And I was quite impressed with the broadcast over the internet, it was really professional and perfectly clear, about to the time when Wills and Kate said their “I Will’s”. After that it was a bit pixellated and slow from the MILLIONS of people watching it on the internet. Quite amazing.

From the dress, Pippa and Harry flirting (and now the world wants them to get together), to the adorable lil girl covering her ears from the noise of the crowd while William and Kate kissed for the SECOND time, I simply loved it all. And sat in front of my computer for three hours straight.

My two favorite pics are from my screen shots. The German took the one in Westminster Abbey and I took the one in the seconds before the second kiss.

To be honest, I really thought I wouldn’t be so excited. I know my every day posts of the wedding seems a bit off course from that statement but I thought nothing could compare to the feeling I had when watching so many years ago at the tender age of 9. And I was wrong. The minute I woke up and turned on the broadcast was when William and Harry were riding in the car on the way to the church. I was hooked. No tears amazingly but I could NOT stop watching.

I have to add this, because of all the people I saw online with true hate and disgust against the wedding. Because they felt we (as Americans) should not be so focused on this. We should be focused on the tragedies, the tornado victims, Libya, Syria, the wars – and I was outraged. WHY in this world can we not enjoy three hours of joy and bliss of a beautiful wedding, something that some people will only see once in a lifetime. Why can we not give a little bit of our time to focus on some happiness in the world? I was truly saddened to see so many negative thoughts against something so beautiful.

And now for the beautiful:



And then to one quite happy vicar, who either didn’t care (my thought) or forgot the cameras may still be rolling. The wedding is over! And it ROCKED.



ps – I LOVED the trees in Westminster Abbey! Until next time, Cheerio!

2 thoughts on “And you thought I was done?

  1. Smashing blog my friend! Truly brilliant! And truly freaky is that I have the exact same pics from my phone that I took! Guess what?! Today I purchased my royal wedding china plate, matching cup and spoon. Hehe! from a Scottish Rite store on the Queen Mary. Miss you tons!!

  2. I didn’t watch because I knew I could count on you to watch it for me and blog about it! Wish we could have watched it over mimosas.

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