the royals

Tomorrow, tomorrow ….

I love ya, tomorrow, you’re only A DAY AWAY!!!! Everyone now, all together. TOOOOOOOOOMORROW….

I can’t heaaaar you!

So the day is almost here. Do you think Kate is freaking out? Probably not. She is most likely dancing around in her £5,000 per night suite at the Goring Hotel singing, “I am going to be Queen Catherine! I am going to rule England! And I am a commoner!” With evil cackling to finish it off.

I am kidding! Geez.

I know tomorrow is going to be another royal wedding to remember but I think the most special one to me will be the wedding of Princess Di and Prince Charles. Just the excitement at the sweet, innocent age of 9. Watching with wide eyes, not even tired after getting up at 6 a.m. Shy Di stepping out of the carriage, the train of her dress seemed to go on for miles, with the beautiful church holding every royal dignitary there to watch and the pure look of happiness and excitement in her eyes. In my child’s mind all I saw was a Princess. They weren’t only in fairy tales, they were real!

And one day, maybe I could be one too.


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