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Bicycle Here Bicycle There

  I would say handle bars down my favorite exercise is riding my bike. A few days ago I biked to Ses Covetes and the back dirt/sand tracks by the water, truly awesome. It was almost a three-hour bike ride. But I must admit that I stopped by a private cove and sun bathed (in my cut off sweats and t-shirt) while the old fishermen passed by with their poles and bucket of freshly caught fish in their hands.

I am a casual biker. Nothing like these crazies that take over the island in spring. Sorry to be so negative but they are completely annoying. They get in groups and take up an entire car lane and sometimes even into the oncoming lane. WTH!? It is no surprise that at least one biker dies every year on the Mallorcan roads, usually more than one. Of course that is a tragedy. But with some common sense (and let’s not forget courtesy) we can all bike and drive in safety.

Check out here some good tips for bike safety – how not to get hit by cars. Mallorca bikers, read up.

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