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Get yer souvenirs hereeee, only two more days

I wouldn’t necessarily say I am a hoarder. But I do like to collect things that I think will gain in value. My poor parents have taken the brunt of my obsession by keeping boxes of stuff in their garage, until I decide to actually schlump it all to Europe. My latest random purchase was the Toy Story 3 Mr. Potato Head that I found here at the grocery store. So at least that future million dollar collectible is safely here in my midst.

Do you collect anything?

Once I saw the Kate doll, I wanted it immediately! But alas, I am not going to fork out 200 pounds for it. Even though they are only making 5,000 of them and it will definitely be on the most wanted list in …..20, 30, 40 years? Here are some other souvenirs that are out there for your choosing.

  This one is my favorite. If only I knew how to knit!

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding has a cast of characters including the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince Harry, the Archbishop of Canterbury, a variety of wedding guests plus, of course, the happy couple themselves – and even a corgi – this is one wedding souvenir that will be a must-have for any keen crafter.

There is a backdrop of Westminster Abbey included, so that you can display your creations in authentic surroundings. For sale on Amazon.co.uk  £9.99

   The Kate Middleton Engagement Doll. The hand-painted, limited edition collector’s item – only 5,000 will be produced worldwide – will be available for £195 and comes with a display stand and certificate of authenticity. The 16-inch Kate figurine comes complete with a miniature silk jersey dress quite similar to the blue Issa she wore when she and Prince William announced their engagement in November. The doll will also feature a replica of her sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

A second Kate doll will be available after April 29 featuring the bride’s highly-anticipated wedding dress, jewelry and tiara. That doll retail for £295 and will be available this summer.

  Awwww, how “sweet”. PEZ’s commemorative pair of his-and-her candy dispensers in the likeness of the betrothed couple. The limited-edition item will be auctioned off on eBay from April 7–17, with proceeds going to a charity supported by the couple.

Looks like the auction date has passed, so start looking to see them for sale again online – for more money, of course! That is how those collector items work.



   Not invited to the royal wedding? You can still raise a pint to William and Kate with one very royal brew:  Kiss Me Kate beer. Created by Castle Rock Brewery in Nottingham, England, the tipple is described as “elegant, tasteful and British to the core” – I’ll drink to that!



  And for all you wackos out there – The Royal Refrigerator.

GE is coming out with a commemorative refrigerator, dubbed “The Ultimate,” which certainly is fit for a king … or one with a king-sized appetite for royal memorabilia. Standing at 5 ft., 9 in. and emblazoned with the Mario Testino engagement portrait of William and Kate, you’ll most certainly impress freakout your friends with your royal dedication.


2 thoughts on “Get yer souvenirs hereeee, only two more days

  1. Ok! So maybe this post will show! I’ve been sharing my thoughts all week but it doesn’t save them! I think our invite was lost in the mail! I want the PEZ candy! And I will be awake watching real time! Just like I saw Princess Di’s wedding and sadly her memorial. Awww….to be a princess 🙂

  2. Oh no! I wonder why the post weren’t showing. Grrr WordPress!!! Our invite was def lost in the mail. Thanks a lot post office. I know cuz Wills called me yesterday but I told him it was too late. We were already booked for another royal wedding in Zimbabwe. But I will be watching too! London is just an hour behind (ahead? i can never remember which one) and not 7 hrs ahead like when I was 9, getting up at 5 am.

    To be a princess …… sigh. Maybe in the next life.

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