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Kate the Great


Holy royal smokes!

I really like Kate Middleton. I think she is gorgeous, sassy and fun. Just what the royal family needs in their midst  to shake things up a bit. Seriously, it just hasn’t been the same since Diana died.

Here are a few facts about Kate.

Fact # 1. When Prince William and Kate finally walk down the aisle next year, Kate will be 29, making her the oldest royal bride EVER. (Most royal brides in history have typically been teenagers. Even William’s mother, Princess Di, was barely 20 years old when she married his father, Prince Charles.)

Fact # 2. If the royal couple’s first press conference is any indication, Kate wants to be called by her given name, Catherine, and not by her nickname, Kate. So, we’re all going to have to get used to it! Besides, Princess Catherine has a regal air to it, and, if she and William go the distance and become king and queen, she will be the 6th Queen Catherine of England.

Fact # 3. When asked what they love about each other, William mentioned that Kate had “plenty of habits” that he loved to tease her about. We’re happy to know that the soon-to-be British princess has just a touch of neurotic tendencies. She also reportedly can drink William under the table, which makes her a girl after my own heart.

Fact # 4.  When a friend once said she was lucky to be with Prince William she replied, “He’s lucky to be with me.”

I love this girl!

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