the royals

Four More Days

I missed yesterday!! So sorry but I had to go out for sushi with the twins, Maje, and meet two new cool girls! It was a lovely evening of girl time and no talk about the royal wedding. Actually the girls were talking to a guy from Britain for a few minutes so I guess that counts.

Let’s talk about the church, shall we? Westminster Abbey. BEAUTIFUL. And I have been there. I was a bartender at the coolest pub of all in London, The Scarsdale – I can make a mean Pimm’s and lemonade. Rumor had it that Princess Di would stop in from time to time. And you even wonder why I have a Princess Di obsession? Hello, love London, love England, LOVE DIANA.

A bit about Westminster Abbey – Every king and queen but two have been crowned here since 1066 — yes, even the stuttering Colin Firth, as George VI in “The King’s Speech” sat in that humble coronation chair here too. The Gothic building — nearly a millennium old — isn’t a cathedral, but is considered a “royal peculiar.” It’s debatably more impressive from outside than in, but inside you can see the resting places of Henry VIII and Cate Blanchett Elizabeth I, among many others.

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