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USA First Stop – NYC

A little over a month ago I made my way back to the USA. First stop, New York City.

Almost immediately after arriving at my friend’s place in Park Slope, Brooklyn, we headed out for sushi and discussed upcoming events; Norah Jones concert at Prospect Park that evening and the itinerary for the Loos weekend in New York. The Whos? The LOOS! A group of eight rockin’ but diverse girls who went to high school together in the collegiate town of Stillwater, OK.

Shall we see what fun we got into? Part Uno.

Bess, Drew and I decided to brave the rainy rainy weather to see nine-time Grammy winner Norah Jones at Celebrate Brooklyn! in Prospect Park. I love Norah, she has an angelic voice and she can ROCK the guitar and piano. It was a soggy night with umbrellas strategically placed over one’s head to keep the rain off, and not stab someone in the eye. An impressive crowd still gathered and Norah told us “You have a beautiful bouquet of umbrellas”.

So far, five out of eight had arrived in New York. To make sure we started it off right we went to Grimaldi’s Pizza in Brooklyn for some delicious pie. Then we needed to work off all the pizza we ate. So off to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge!! I was super excited, after living in Manhattan for 2 years and the east coast for 4, I had never done this. Let’s GO!

 Afterwards, a few silly pics on the NYC subway.

hehe. and ….

By now, after all of our shenanigans, Beth had arrived, we paid and got the keys to our Manhattan apartment rental for the weekend, we went to the World Trade Center site, wandered around the NYSE, bought some I HEART NYC t-shirts, and headed back to Bess’s place for some homemade enchiladas and margaritas.

One thought on “USA First Stop – NYC

  1. OMG! seeing that pizza makes me hungry! we are dorks. and can i smile any bigger in our Hoda pic?! what a trip!!!love you!!!!!

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