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NYC Take Two

New York City, take two.

I must apologize to my bedmate (does that sound weird?) AMY for not getting up and going to the Today Show with her. She wanted to go see the Rascal Flats play for that weeks summer concert. I opened one eye, said “Do you want to go?” and she said no. So! Therefore I went back to sleep. Hopefully our Today Show celeb sighting made up for the fact that we missed Rascal Flats.

After all eight of us were beautified and ready to go, first stop was Rockefeller Plaza. I took pics of cool buildings along the way.

I really like this one.

We stopped at Le Pain Quotiden for lunch. If you are in Manhattan, you have to go to one, they have several locations. Delicious salads, hummus, sandwiches. I sampled a bit from everyone’s plate (I did order for myself as well) and everything was scrumptious.

High Line park was our next destination. The High Line is a public park built on a defunct railway that runs 30 feet above Manhattan between 10th and 11th Avenues, from 34th Street to Gansevoort Street in the meatpacking district. It is going through three sets of phases until final completion. The first phase is finished, the second will be in fall 2010 and the third has yet to be approved.

We climbed up three flights and stairs and wove our way around the wildflowers and plants on the boardwalk through the floating garden. Fantastic sights include:

The Statue of Liberty

Funky art object to give an optical illusion to the buildings.

Pretty wildflowers.

And while we were there our celeb sighting. Remember here?

 Trying to fit everything in on our agenda and we only had about 36 more hours to do so. Cupcakes anyone? Magnolia Bakery here we come! I have never seen the Sex and the City episode where this frosting fabulousness comes from, nor do I care. BUT I did care about my chocolate cupcake with sprinkles. The place is super small and was a bit chaotic but once outside with cupcake and lemonade in hand, I was nothing but happy.

Now to hurry home  back to nyc apartment with a crazy lady living below, freshen up, throw some cheese, sausage and pasta in the belly and go to …….  ROCK OF AGES!

Yes, that’s right. ROCK OF AGES!! Here is the gist of it: In 1987 on the Sunset Strip, a small town girl met a big city rocker and in LA’s most famous rock club, they fell in love to the greatest songs of the 80s. It’s ROCK OF AGES, an arena-rock love story told through the mind-blowing, face-melting hits of JOURNEY, NIGHT RANGER, STYX, REO SPEEDWAGON, PAT BENATAR, TWISTED SISTER, POISON, ASIA, WHITESNAKE and many more. And I can say that we sang along to EVERY SINGLE FACE-MELTING SONG. Fun show, the alcohol also helped…..

Above pic from the ROA website or the LOOS!

 And afterwards, we wandered around Times Square…..

I love Times Square at night.


2 thoughts on “NYC Take Two

  1. the Hoda sighting made up for missing Rascal Flats…but next time we are NYC we ARE going to the Today Show even if we stay up all night 🙂 Just being with my loos made up for not going to the Today Show. plus it was VERY early in the am 🙂

  2. You are just being sweet (as usual). 🙂 I know you wanted to drag me out of bed, shove a doughnut in my mouth and walk as fast as possible to the Today Show. Next time. Promise!

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