2011 · Mallorca

Mallorcan Supermoon

Supermoon in Sa Ràpita, Mallorca. March 19, 2011.
2011 · just do it already



I believe….


I believe in love at first sight

I believe in freedom of speech

I believe in a female president being elected in my lifetime

I believe in making dreams become realities

I believe in the power of the perfect shoe

I believe in angels

I believe in ghosts

I believe when you write the word believe a lot it looks strange

I believe in the power of books

I believe in music

I believe in change

I believe in honesty

I believe in traveling for new experiences

I believe in the perfect pizza

I believe in close unbreakable bonds of friendship

I believe in YOU.

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Remember The 10

  Ten years ago on January 27, 2001 a plane crashed in the fields of Colorado killing ten members of the Oklahoma State basketball party. OSU is a tight family and Stillwater is a small town but this tragedy rocked the entire state, if not further.

College basketball is my favorite sport. Ever. Hands down. I love the excitement of the arena, being in such close quarters, screaming your head off for your team. Eddie Sutton was the coach during my college years, and he made ten phone calls that dreadful day. Calling to tell them their son, their husband, their father wasn’t coming home.  Eddie Sutton was our John Wayne at that time. He held up the OSU community when he was hurting too. Thank you Eddie Sutton.

Please remember The Ten. Good sons, good fathers, good friends.











We Will Remember.


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Fire and very cold temperatures

Fiesta de San Sebastian was last night in Palma. And dude, was it cold. It did warm up in the vicinity of throngs of people and fire but still, freaking cold for Mallorca. My first time to celebrate San Sebastian and it won’t be my last. Policia blocked off Paseo Maritimo and the parade took place there. Not really sure if the Mallorquins would actually call it a parade but it was quite a show.

The second I arrived to Paseo Maritimo this guy walked out from the shadows in full attire of the devil WITH a chainsaw. He started it up right beside me and I almost screamed. I tried to casually step to the side hoping this was part of the fiesta and not some mad psycho killer. But I did hear some screams when he stepped into the “parade”. Scary yo.

Check out the pics, unfortunately I couldn’t capture the hundreds of people running up the stairs to the cathedral, each with a lit torch in their hands. So cool. Then came the part where the bishop (San Sebastian?) fought with the dragon and somehow they projected the entire side of the cathedral with what looked like flying bat people. Seriously hope some of you can see San Sebastian 2012. Til then ….

Happy San Sebastian Y’all!! Peace.  -mallekk