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Favorite Christmas song #1

Is it starting to feel like Christmas? I am still working, rushing about here and there, so it doesn’t yet really feel like Christmas. BUT this weekend I have been listening to Christmas songs because I want to make a Christmas CD for my friends. What are your favorites?

Have you joined Spotify? Because if you haven’t, you are missing out! Spotify rocks. Pun intended? C’mon, you can listen to (almost) anything you want! I love LOVE love it. Okay, so Taylor Swift said Spotify couldn’t use her songs. Not very Christmassy, right? Just wants all the $$$$. I will move on ….

My favorites range from silly (Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses) to fun (Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas) to the very beautiful. I love them all so much. For the rest of December I will be posting my favorite Christmas songs. Who knows, maybe I will go crazy (meaning “I have time”) and post something else … but at the moment it is all about the music. Because really, that is ALL it is ever about. At least for me. Music is EVERYTHING!!! Now listen up my friends. This is my so very most favorite. And it is in the very beautiful category. Or maybe the jazz category (which is beautiful).

For you, the Charlie Brown Christmas dance. And YES, you must get up and dance – in whatever style you want. But dance, my friends. Dance.

ps – GO SNOOPY!!


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