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Let the games begin! It’s World Cup time!

Ever since moving to Europe over ten years (!!!!!) ago I have slowly warmed to soccer…. er, football. I’ve always been a girl who loves sports – college basketball is my favorite, with college football (american) running a close second. GO OSU COWBOYS! But soccer was never really on my radar – kinda like a lot of Americans. But s l o w l y it has been making its way to being a more popular sport. Let’s just thank Mr. David Beckham right now for that, shall we?

So, here we are FIFA World Cup 2014. Who are you rooting for? Who do you think will win? As I type this, I am watching the first game, Brazil vs. Croatia. It’s 1-1. I have a feeling Brazil will win this game and most of my boy students are saying Brazil will win the cup. We will find out! I always secretly love it when my students ask  me who my favorite football (european) team is … for them, it is a VERY important question! For most of them their answer is BARCA! As in Barcelona. But one is for Real Madrid. Sadly, the Mallorca football team sucks. My answer always varies, sometimes I say Barca, sometimes Real and sometimes GERMANY!

Good luck to all the teams competing in this year’s FIFA World Cup. For me, I have three favorites.


The statue of Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado mountain overlooks a banner that reads 'Welcome FIFA World Cup 2014'  in Rio de Janeiro

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