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Some TLC For Your Breasts

Using hot guys to make us remember to do a breast exam!?

That is totally fine by me.

My friend tagged me in this video (rethink breast cancer your man reminder) – and downloadable APP! And while the video/app is informative, educational and “eye-catching”, it also hopefully serves a purpose – DO A MONTHLY CHECK ON YOUR BREASTS! And if you can’t do that, a yearly mammogram.

My friend who tagged me lost her mother to breast cancer at the tender age of 12 or 13. I can barely remember it. Except for a vivid memory of her mom in her bedroom wanting to see my friend as soon as we had come home from school and she had been waiting to see her children. I remember walking into that dark bedroom with my friend. Her mother gave a smile and held out her hand and asked how school was, I am pretty sure we answered in the usual “fine, boring” way. She was a very sweet woman and I remember she smiled and nodded as we walked out of the room while telling her we were going to go play.

But a few months later she died. And I went to her funeral with my family at the Christian church in our hometown. I must have blocked it out because I don’t really remember it. My mom tells me we went and I was very distraught, but mostly for my friend. I am so happy that this sweet friend of mine now has a beautiful family and is still part of my life after all this time.

My mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice and had a mastectomy of one of her breasts. My father was also diagnosed with breast cancer and had a lump removed. So obviously, I try to check myself as often as possible and get regular checkups.

But I never want to make such a downer on things so I really loved this video my friend tagged me in. Who doesn’t want to be reminded to get their breasts checked by hot guys? Watch the video, download the app, give yourself some TLC and fight breast cancer.


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