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TT ~ Hello Darling

Driving home tonight this song was stuck in my head. How it got there I am not sure because I haven’t thought about it (nor heard it) in ages. But it reminds me of my parents. They played a lot of Conway Twitty, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Anne Murray. Which makes me remember settling in on Friday and Saturday nights to watch our favorite TV shows: Hee Haw, The Barbara Mandrell Show, Donny and Marie, The Dukes of Hazard, Dallas! And I wasn’t supposed to watch Fantasy Island but when we had a babysitter I always convinced her it was okay and then the show would always completely freak me out and I would lie awake for hours.

What great memories. And how about the music that I was listening to? The usual 70s and 80s awesomeness: J Geils Band, Xanadu, Pac Man Fever, Shawn Cassidy … really so much more. It deserves its own blog post. So I will! One of these days…

But for now. Let me leave you with the song I kept singing over and over (mostly in my head) on my 30 min drive home.

Mr. Conway Twitty, Hello Darling. Cmon, you know it. You’re already saying it in your head – “Hello darling. Nice to see you. It’s been a looooooooong time.”  Aww yeah. You know it. Now sing along. PS – Loving the sideburns! Just like my dad used to have … before the Mike Brady perm.


4 thoughts on “TT ~ Hello Darling

  1. I promise you, I NEVER forget about Delta Dawn!! But I guess, in the post, yes I did. Long live DELTA DAWN!!

  2. my parental units listened to many of those artists, also the Statler Brothers. James and I were just discussing the other day that Conway Twitty’s songs seemed a little pervy. Rock on with Track Tuesday!

    1. LOL. Pervy Conway Twitty. I guess I am gonna have to go back and listen to a few more to decide. I will try to keep rockin more with Track Tuesday. Thanks Sus!

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