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Happy 50th Diana!

Had she lived, Princess Diana would be celebrating her 50th birthday today. And I wonder where she would be. Would she be happily married to Dodi Fayed (we are either assuming he lived too, or there was no car crash that claimed both their lives), would she be Facebook friends with Prince Charles and Camilla P. Bowles? Maybe she would be living in a gorgeous penthouse high above the trees in Manhattan having a sophisticated lover – someone she finally felt comfortable and happy with? Maybe she would have remarried, maybe even a few times – she was never short on suitors. Yes, these are the things that keep me awake at night.

I loved the Newsweek cover of Di and her new daughter-in-law, Kate. And then again came more questions, more pondering. Would they be great friends, shopping and dining together? Or would Di find Kate a bit of competition?

What do you think?


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