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Chic Fru .. Vegetable? of 2011

Where have you been all my life!? Hello, I love you! I am talking about my new friend, the watermelon. Why have you all been hiding this from me? Okay, perhaps it could be me. I have NEVER liked watermelon, unless it was filled with vodka and we were at Lake Carl Blackwell.

But then I read it wasn’t a fruit, it was a vegetable. I am confused (doesn’t take much). The Oklahoma State Senate passed a bill on 17 April 2007 declaring watermelon as the official state vegetable, with some controversy surrounding whether a watermelon is a fruit. Oh my lovely state of OK, what in tarnation!? Thinking it’s a vegetable, and the official state one at that! You guys have been hanging out at Lake Carl Blackwell a leeeetle tooooo long.

So, like I said, it was never one of my favorites. But the other day I was at the supermarket in Campos and they had sliced watermelon for sale. It looked mouth-watering delicious so I bought one. As soon I got home I cut off a slice and took it out to the pool. I nearly slapped myself for keeping this adorable fruit vegetable out of my life for so long. It even looks great next to the pool, it’s like the chic summer fruit, er ….veggie.

I’ve been trying to add more fruits and vegetables to my meals. Actually, veggies I am pretty good about adding with dinner. But I have always had a problem with adding more fruit to my diet. And the watermelon is a great addition. It is really good for you!

Watermelon is very cleansing, alkalinizing, diuretic and mineralizing. It’s a very clean food–excellent for flushing out the kidney and bladder, taking out waste materials. And because the juice is easily digestible your body easily absorbs for all its minerals and nutrients.

Watermelon is loaded with antioxidants–namely Vitamin C and A–which fight off free radicals, prevents cell damage, and inhibits cancer or abnormal cell growth.

Watermelon is also incredibly high in the two phytochemicals beta-carotene and lycopene (even more than tomatoes!). This combination prevents heart disease, prevents asthma, helps arthritis, prevents arteriosclerosis, and lowers the risk of many forms of cancer (including prostate, lung, colon, and bladder).

The rind of the watermelon is even better with tons of minerals and chlorophyll.What the heck does chlorophyll do for you, doesn’t sound like it would be good. But! No matter WHAT it is, fruit or veggie – just stock up on it and pronto!

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