just how it is sometimes


And then there are days where nothing is right. Everything blows up in your face, your loved ones (human and furry) are sick, are in pain and you can do nothing but keep the love flowing. Keep them in your prayers, hold their hand (or paw), give them some medicine to swallow in hopes of alleviating the pain, in hopes of adding more days, more months to their life. Because you want them in your life for as long as you live. You will be so heartbroken when they are gone. But you know that in the natural order of things, they will go before you. And you will grieve for them. And sometimes it isn’t even a death but maybe a fight, an argument, a place you have come to in your life that you feel lost, you feel like there is nothing you can do, nothing you can say that will change things. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you wanted them to, and sometimes those dreams don’t come true.

Death, sadness, your dreams trampled are a part of life. What you do when that happens is important. You cry, you scream, you throw punches in the air.

And then, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go again. Until you just can’t go anymore. And if you ever get to that place where you feel you are lost and need help, don’t give up. There is always someone who loves you. Life is good. Life is great. Don’t give up, fight, until you just can’t fight anymore.

4 thoughts on “changes

  1. My life is better and greater because of you! Love you! Lets talk this weekend! (when I was typing let’s it typed legs! How does my phone know that’s your name?! Haha!)

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