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Eat ~ Mallorca. Cappuccino.

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about the restaurant chain Cappuccino! When I go into Palma I usually end up at one of the Cappuccino restaurants (or Bar Bosch if it isn’t packed) for a cerveza or vino tinto and pa amb oli.

They just keep expanding, every month there is a new restaurant somewhere on the island – please open one in Sa Ràpita!! The food is delicious, the service is impeccable (impressive even for Mallorca), the drinks are cold and the cocktail list is not too shabby indeed. To be honest, I have never had a cocktail here but the pictures look yummy. They also have a really good Japanese restaurant, Tahini, in Puerto Portals. I think I still favor Wasabi for sushi but Tahini would be my second choice. Plus I love going to Puerto Portals to look at all the expensive yachts and the rich people dining out at Tristan.

But at the Cappuccino restaurants I always order the Pa amb Oli. What is that you ask? The most fantastic thing to order for lunch EVER. Pa amb oli means bread with oil in Mallorquin. The bread is rubbed with a tomato and seasoned with olive oil and salt.  It can be served with ham, sausages, cheese, anchovies, vegetables or marinated fish. But I typically see it with jamón serrano (similar to prosciutto) and Mahon cheese, my absolute favorite.

And lookee there, you can order it at all of the Capuccino restaurants.

Pa amb Oli at Cappuccino Borne, Plza. Juan Carlos I, 9.


Who knew tomato rubbed bread could be so delicious?

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