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Volcano Freak Out

I must say this volcano eruption that is causing all the travel chaos is thrilling! Never have most European airports been closed for this long of a time. So far Madrid is still open so I could fly to the states at any time. But maybe it will close. Actually I have been constantly clicking on the interactive map from the online New York Times, I am obsessed with a volcano and I love it.

I have read stories of people scrambling for seats on the trains, the Eurotunnel, a ticket for a ferry. A journey that was supposed to be a simple two-hour flight turned into a 20 hour trip to get home. Taxi drivers are making buckets of money driving people all over Europe.

And scientists warn that the activity of the volcano has increased with no signs of slowing. Wow. I am completely enthralled.

* Look at that kickass header…up there! That is a closeup of just a smidge of one of my recent paintings.