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Hey, HEY! We landed on a COMET!

Guys, I really don’t understand this obsession with Kim Kardashian’s ass. I mean this news is surpassing the news that we landed on a comet. A comet! The first time EVER! Peeps, please tell me that was more exciting than a picture of KK naked. I mean, she has like a rockin’ name, but again – WE.LANDED.ON.A.COMET.

OK, back to your originally broadcasted station.


kk comet

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Nightmare on Mallorca Street

The Shining. Halloween. Poltergeist. Seen ’em. Was kinda scared.


Scary movies are so fun. But I won’t lie, some have freaked me out quite decently. The last one was Paranormal Activity. Seriously, did you see it? My boyfriend would come into the bedroom at night after I had turned off the lights and just sway. Sooooo not funny. Plus it is still a bit difficult for me to put my feet out from the covers in fear of a demon grabbing them and dragging me away.

I googled top scary movies of the 90s and the number one was “Audition”. I’ve never heard of it. Have you? Might have to check that one out. The others were – The Ring, Seven, The Blair Witch Project (one of my favorites at that time), Scream, Silence of the Lambs. All really good movies but I feel that the 80s had more of a horror factor with The Shining, Poltergeist, Cujo, Pet Cemetery. The latter which started me on Stephen King books.


And I can never watch anything with clowns. They already freak me out without a movie to help in the dysfunction. And dolls, I don’t like those either. I have my Raggedy Anne doll from when I was young and a few weeks ago I dreamed that I would go into the room and she had changed places. It kept happening and then the last she was on the ceiling! So, NO, I don’t need any doll movies to contribute to that problem.

What are some of your favorites? HAPPY HALLOWEEN Y’ALL!