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Sometimes the random is the highlight of the day.

Look! No pictures, no video, no “go/do/eat Mallorca” post.

Sometimes I wonder if my blog is too much silliness. Too many video clips. Too much of randomness.

I read blogs that have so much meaning with each one, some where they have lost someone precious in their life, some where they are struggling in this world to make ends meet, some where their children are so amazing and their life is so interesting that I want to always check in. And me? I write about whatever comes to mind for the day. I am not struggling to make ends meet, I have not lost someone so precious that I need to write about, so am I boring? Because if I AM please, do me a favor and tell me to shut up.

What do you need? What do you want? More seriousness? More focus on my internal strife…. cuz I can belt it out but I would think that could get uninspirational (which I don’t think is even a real word). But you catch my drift.

But I do enjoy my blog. My randomness. One day I will have the children I long for to write meaningful stories about. One day I will lose someone who is so close to me it breaks my heart (and I pray for that day to be a long time away). But until then, you just might have to deal with the quirkiness and take the time to look at my blog for a mental break from life.

For now, I can be here for you for that break. And even after when life gets too serious.

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Auf Wiedersehen, thanks for the memories.

Hmfph. In a blog funk.

What to write about? Christmas? The climate change conference? This just in – U.S., China, India reportedly reach a “meaningful agreement”. It’s about time! Are you guys still doing your composting? Turning off lights when not in use? Walking to places instead of driving? Good.


How about one of my favorite topics, DEATH.

evil cackling and wringing of hands

No idea why death intrigues me so much and if you are a celebrity and bite the bullet, well, I’m intrigued even more. 2009 was a ROUGH year for celebrities. Here are my top 10 people who died this year that I actually gave somewhat of a damn about:

1. Mary Travers (1936 – 2009) Member of folk group Peter, Paul and Mary. The group’s first album, Peter, Paul and Mary came out in 1962 and immediately scored hits with their versions of “If I Had a Hammer” (listen to it below, one of my favorites) and “Lemon Tree”. The former won them Grammys for best folk recording and best performance by a vocal group. Their song “Puff the Magic Dragon” brings back so many memories, and was actually sung during the recent road trip with my parents! (Dad sung in his heart).

2. Les Paul (1915 – 2009) A pioneer in the development of the solid-body electric guitar. The godfather of rock. No more needs to be said.

3. Walter Cronkite (1916 – 2009) The most trusted man in America ……”And that’s the way it is.”

4. John Hughes (1950 – 2009) Where would I be without Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles, National Lampoon’s Vacation and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Certainly not the slightly off-kilter, movie quoting extraordinaire, sometimes cute dweeb that I am today. Thank you John Hughes for bringing Cousin Eddie, The Donger, “Eat My Shorts”, Simple Minds, “Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?”, “By night’s end, I predict me and her will interface”, into my life.

5. Michael Jackson (1958 – 2009) C’mon, you didn’t really think I would leave Jacko off the list. Thriller was one of my first MTV videos and Jeannie and I can do the Thriller dance for you …..er, after a few cocktails. So many great songs, “Beat It”, “Billie Jean”, “Ben”, “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough”, I could go on and on. Miss that moonwalking, one-gloved man.

6. Eunice Shriver (1921 – 2009) Thank you Ms. Shriver for founding the movement that became Special Olympics, the largest movement for acceptance and inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities in the history of the world.

7. Oscar Mayer (1914 – 2009) My Bologna has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R. My bologna has a second name, it’s M-A-Y-E-R. Oh I love to eat it everyday, and if you ask me why say….. Cause’ Oscar Mayer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A!!!! I have friends who go freakin crazy when they see the Wienermobile. Thank you Mr. Mayer for your delicious bologna, bacon and hot dogs – still a staple in my lunchtime meals!

8. Patrick Swayze (1952 – 2009) “Nobody puts baby in a corner.” Need I say more?

9. Paul Harvey (1918 – 2009) Mr. Harvey reminds me of my days of high school in Oklahoma (btw, he was born in Tulsa). His The Rest of the Story series would always broadcast during the Sunday Top 40 on my car radio. And I did A LOT of driving around in my four door Buick Electra. That car rocked. It sat 27,000 comfortably and the horn sounded like a freight train.

10. Farrah Fawcett (1947 – 2009) Loved the hair, loved Charlie’s Angels, loved the red swimsuit, an iconic beauty.

Honorable mentions from the animal kingdom: Gidget the Taco Bell Dog – “Yo quiero Taco Bell”, Socks the Clinton cat and my beloved cat Good Morning.

May everyone rest in peace.

Those are my top ten. Why don’t you let me know if I missed a favorite of yours. To conclude, I give you “If I Had A Hammer” by Peter, Paul and Mary.


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school house rock coming home

Gosh golly gee HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU! I hope you missed me.

While I try to capture all my USA adventures to share with you, here is a little School House Rock for you. Did you know the PSA spot for the strange yellow dude from the Hanker for a Hunk of Cheese blog was called Time for Timer? I had no clue he had a name, thought you would like to know. But to be honest, SHR was always my favorite, I own a greatest hits CD! Not surprising actually if you know me.

I found No More Kings from SHR to be appropriate for my trip to the grand U.S. of A – this one is dedicated to the Causley girls: Susie, Barbie and Ellie, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! Enjoy my friends.

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Witch to convict

How was your Halloween? Mine was a fantastical fun time! I forgot to tell you – I am in the lovely U.S. of A visiting friends and family with a possible job offer in San Francisco. I am only six days in and it has been one crazy day after another.

I know you are just dying to hear about the job offer – what? Not so much? Okay, how about Halloween? It is one of my favorite holidays, if not THE one. So for your viewing pleasure.

Me, Halloween 1975. Those are some stylin shoes by the way.


And me, the year 2009, the escaped convict trying to evade the front desk personnel from calling her bluff. By the way, if you really ARE an escaped convict, Halloween would be the perfect day to do the deed.



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Hanker for a hunk of cheese


Helloooooooooooo….. is anyone still out there?




These past two weeks have been a whirl of Madrid, cruising in the car AND A BOAT around Mallorca. A friend came into town on a spur of the moment trip to bypass her 40th birthday and we have been livin it up! So, while I get my next posts in order here is a little nostalgia for you.


One of my favorite PSA announcements at the tender age of six, huddled around the afternoon tv in Madison, WI and my snack du jour – crackers and cheese. There is nothing better! A time before the PSAs of alcohol or drug awareness, we had cheese awareness. A slab, a slice, a chunk a’ ….


One quick observation from my “older” viewpoint …… what were these guys smokin who made this??



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I believe in the stars, the planets and the vast theology of some divine magnanimity watching over us living in the stars. At night, I love to look at the libraglitter above me. Even here, on the island, it is still too bright to see all of the illuminated expanse above me. When I lived in Oklahoma all I had to do was drive a few blocks west, throw down a blanket and watch the stars zip by, so lovely. When I hear of any comet or meteor shower I camp myself out on my roof and squint at the heavens hoping to see a few rush by. And with the passing of two of my favorites from my childhood in the 80’s, Farrah and Michael, I decided to see if I could see them pass by me (don’t judge, just enjoy). And I tease you not, after saying a quick toast to them with my wine glass held high, I saw a shooting star. And within a minute I saw another going in the opposite direction. So nice of them to reply, no?

My love for the world above us goes hand in hand with my belief in psychics, star signs, readings and all that those entail. Today’s horoscope: Hold on to your hat, dear Libra. With two major eclipses due to soon hit the top and bottom houses of your chart, you are about to see some massive changes at home and in your career. If you are honest with yourself, you will admit that you feel you’ve come to master your present life just fine and you are up for a new adventure. You need change, and that’s precisely what the universe is about to bring you.

I am actually expecting some change. I hope it happens. And if it happens, you my fellow readers (all two of you) will be the first to know. But as of now, I think I will go hit the beach. There was a gorgeous yacht floating just off the southern coast yesterday. With my binoculars I spied beautiful men and women in white, laughing and drinking champagne. Yes, I love my binoculars. They bring the world of the rich even closer! Who do you think it was? There are a few celebs that own homes here. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, Claudia Schiffer, Boris Becker, even Ava Gardner had a home here. Let us not forget our own tennis sensation, Rafael Nadal. Oh wait, and me! I live in Mallorca, never thought I would ever say that in this lifetime, but now I don’t think I can ever leave.