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I believe in the stars, the planets and the vast theology of some divine magnanimity watching over us living in the stars. At night, I love to look at the libraglitter above me. Even here, on the island, it is still too bright to see all of the illuminated expanse above me. When I lived in Oklahoma all I had to do was drive a few blocks west, throw down a blanket and watch the stars zip by, so lovely. When I hear of any comet or meteor shower I camp myself out on my roof and squint at the heavens hoping to see a few rush by. And with the passing of two of my favorites from my childhood in the 80’s, Farrah and Michael, I decided to see if I could see them pass by me (don’t judge, just enjoy). And I tease you not, after saying a quick toast to them with my wine glass held high, I saw a shooting star. And within a minute I saw another going in the opposite direction. So nice of them to reply, no?

My love for the world above us goes hand in hand with my belief in psychics, star signs, readings and all that those entail. Today’s horoscope: Hold on to your hat, dear Libra. With two major eclipses due to soon hit the top and bottom houses of your chart, you are about to see some massive changes at home and in your career. If you are honest with yourself, you will admit that you feel you’ve come to master your present life just fine and you are up for a new adventure. You need change, and that’s precisely what the universe is about to bring you.

I am actually expecting some change. I hope it happens. And if it happens, you my fellow readers (all two of you) will be the first to know. But as of now, I think I will go hit the beach. There was a gorgeous yacht floating just off the southern coast yesterday. With my binoculars I spied beautiful men and women in white, laughing and drinking champagne. Yes, I love my binoculars. They bring the world of the rich even closer! Who do you think it was? There are a few celebs that own homes here. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, Claudia Schiffer, Boris Becker, even Ava Gardner had a home here. Let us not forget our own tennis sensation, Rafael Nadal. Oh wait, and me! I live in Mallorca, never thought I would ever say that in this lifetime, but now I don’t think I can ever leave.

One thought on “stars

  1. Nice job! Although I miss the visual style of the e.e. cumming’s school of capitalization you used in your first posts.

    Mallorca sounds like an amazing place. Enjoy every minute of it (and continue to share it with us through your blog).

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