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Sometimes the random is the highlight of the day.

Look! No pictures, no video, no “go/do/eat Mallorca” post.

Sometimes I wonder if my blog is too much silliness. Too many video clips. Too much of randomness.

I read blogs that have so much meaning with each one, some where they have lost someone precious in their life, some where they are struggling in this world to make ends meet, some where their children are so amazing and their life is so interesting that I want to always check in. And me? I write about whatever comes to mind for the day. I am not struggling to make ends meet, I have not lost someone so precious that I need to write about, so am I boring? Because if I AM please, do me a favor and tell me to shut up.

What do you need? What do you want? More seriousness? More focus on my internal strife…. cuz I can belt it out but I would think that could get uninspirational (which I don’t think is even a real word). But you catch my drift.

But I do enjoy my blog. My randomness. One day I will have the children I long for to write meaningful stories about. One day I will lose someone who is so close to me it breaks my heart (and I pray for that day to be a long time away). But until then, you just might have to deal with the quirkiness and take the time to look at my blog for a mental break from life.

For now, I can be here for you for that break. And even after when life gets too serious.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes the random is the highlight of the day.

  1. Your blog is more than good!!!! He make me laugh. The real life is hard enough… and your blog is not extraneous. I like it. Can’t wait to read more……

  2. i love the quirkiness, silliness, randomness of your blogs…you make me smile! and i love the pictures! keep them! love ya!

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