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Free Airport Wi-Fi

If you’re like me, which would be someone who is a bit thrifty and doesn’t like to pay for wi-fi (especially at the airport where you have a little down time to browse the internet), I have a good thing for you. A travel blogger, Anil Polat, has created an always up-to-date list of airport wireless connections with passwords. He updates it regularly with help from fellow travelers like you and me.

Thank you Mr. Polat! I hate it when I can’t get free wi-fi. And now, at most airports, I can – for FREE! One of my favorite words.

You can bookmark the map, which is HERE on google. Or he has created an app called WiFox that you can purchase for $1.99. Don’t forget to let Anil Polat know of passwords at airports where you are by commenting on the link. Enjoy your free airport wireless and happy travels!

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