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‏keira1. Have you heard about the new button for gmail? If you have an “oh, crap I shouldn’t have sent that email!” moment, they have the button for you. Well, at least for 30 seconds. Then you are SOL.

2. Congrats on the new emoticons out soon!! Esp the taco, I love tacos. But Spaniards are still waiting for their paella emoticon. Sign the petition now!

3. Check out my latest hot selling mug. But only if you’re maybe a little bitchy

4. Sorry, not sorry. Do you say sorry too much? NYT article about Why Women Apologize And Should Stop. I am guilty of it and I agree, time to stop!

5. 10 ways to take care of yourself before you burn out. Good list, I try to do all. You too!

6. Do/Did you have a cat with FIV? I did – And I miss him soooo SOOOOO very much. I was asked by this site to help bring more information about having/raising a cat with FIV. If you do, it would be so helpful to fill out the questionnaire to raise awareness and give your own personal story. Long live my Growler!!


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