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Stuff and Things

Onward and upward! Only inspiring, happy, positive, funny posts from here on out. Relax. And enjoy!

1. Have you heard about Veronika? She is amazing. Started out with making coats for the homeless and it expanded. We all need more Veronikas in the world.

2. It is almost Halloween!! What is your costume going to be? Or better yet, what will your pumpkin look like? If you are still having difficulties with that last question, check out the 25+ ways to decorate a pumpkin. No carving!! I really like the famous faces and the pastel pumpkins. Tough choice!

3. She was the Erin Brockovich before Erin Brockovich. The forty year anniversary of the death of Karen Silkwood is Nov. 13. You might possibly remember the Academy Award-nominated film with Meryl Streep portraying Karen Silkwood. A tragic mystery that is still unsolved.

4. Okay, need some uplifting music? How about this. This kid CRACKS.ME.UP. I love him! Turn it UP.

5. Let’s just end this on a non-scary note. How about sharks? Without the spiky teeth. Yeah.


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