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Happy Earth Day!

Hey! It’s Earth Day, earthlings. What do you do to help save our world?

While I know I can do more, here are some things I regularly do:

1. I have a compost pile which I use for soil around my trees and new plants or flowers. I get such a strange satisfaction to throw in my leftover vegetables, fruits, etc and then mix it all up. It is amazing to see how rich and dark the soil is when I get around to using it. It works!

2. I recycle. Full stop. I recycle everything – plastic, paper, glass. If it can be recycled it goes in my recycling bin where once I week I take it to the bigger bins that Spain has placed everywhere around Mallorca.

3. I pick up litter. I definitely do this around my neighborhood. On my way to the trash I pick up things on the ground, in the lots nearby – here there are usually three big trash cans within a block or two away that the garbagemen come by to empty every day except Saturday. That’s right folks, even on Sunday. And I do try to do a monthly bike ride on the sole purpose of picking up trash around my town and dropping it in the recycling bins.

And then there are random things – recycling household things for teaching – toilet paper rolls to make into owls or whatever animal we are learning about, taking things to charity (clothes, furniture, appliances) and who knows what else.

I do try to be conscience on my ecological footprint. So, please, do the same! It is the only earth we’ve got!


earth day

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