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An Apple for Christmas

Happy two days after Christmas y’all! Did you get everything you wanted from Santa? I hope so! And you know what, if you didn’t, then just go out and buy it yourself. You deserve it!

I am happy to say I am the proud owner of an iPhone4! Ever since cell phones really started popping up on everyone’s ear I have been against them. I just didn’t want to be found so easily. Sometimes it is nice to hide, you know? But then when it came down to giving in I have always just had a simple cheap model. When I moved to Germany and then Spain the phones I had were always these inexpensive pay as you go. And that has been perfectly fine with me.

But it seemed like everyone had the latest phone – Blackberry or iPhone or ?? I don’t even know what is all out there. And I tease my friends who have these. Even though when I do play with their phone it does seem fun. With so many more things than my phone has… but STILL why do I need that? Then Felix got an iPhone4 a month ago and I said he was part of the cool group now. But not me! NO! I am just a cool chick with a silly cheap phone.

Well, Felix bought me an iPhone4 for Christmas. I still haven’t really checked it out too much, just got it up and running and of course downloaded What’sApp since everyone in Europe seems to talk to each other that way. Is What’sApp in the U.S? But I think I REALLY love it. And a bit of an ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……

I am part of the cool group!!

One thought on “An Apple for Christmas

  1. Ha! Kim, I am with you. I have always had just a simple phone with no internet or anything. Then, a year or so ago, I got a blackberry for work. And even though I do check FB or email on it sometimes, I still rarely get on the internet with it and I don’t have any apps.

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